Movie: Russian Pranksters Trick George W. Bush Into Speaking ‘Information War’ & Ukraine Biolabs

Oblivious former president chats with guy he thinks is Ukrainian President Zelensky

Popular Ruskies comedian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) made headlines this week after they duped former Oughout. S. President George Watts. Bush into appearing on a Zoom meeting.

The internet trolls faked a meeting between Bush plus Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with one of them pretending to be Zelensky during the call.

Throughout the discussion, Bush seemed unaware he was not actually talking with the real Zelensky and made some exposing remarks.

The first topic brought up by the pranksters was Bush’s desire during his obama administration for Ukraine to join the particular EU and NATO.

When asked about this particular, Bush answered, “ Read that right. I felt Ukraine needed to be in the EU and in NATO. ”

The particular Russian trolls asked Bush about Bush Sr. Secretary of State James Baker promising Russia that NATO would not encroach on Russian federation, and Bush Jr. replied by saying, “ Pay attention, times change. ”

“ It doesn’t matter what Baker really promised Gorbachev within past. We have to see what is going on now, ” the pranksters said, causing Bush to nod in agreement.

Next, Bush had been told that Putin used Kosovo as an example for their decision to recognize the DPR and LPR areas of Ukraine as independent regions.

In 2007, the particular Bush administration similarly acknowledged Serbia’s Kosovo region as independent.

In response to the comparison, Bush simply said, “ Right, right, ” before telling the fake Zelensky, “ Your own mission is to destroy as many Russian troops as you can. ”

The pranksters also asked the 43rd President what can be done by NGOs who want to “ turn the Russian people against Putin. ”

“ I agree with you, you know the information war is very important, ” Bush said without providing a real answer.

During another portion of the particular prank interview, the Russian troll posing as Zelensky brought up former Georgian Chief executive Mikheil Saakashvili, apologizing intended for firing him as an consultant.

“ This individual was constantly using drugs in our administration and needed a lot of money, ” the phony Zelensky told Bush.

Waving his turn in protest of the fake Zelensky’s complaint, Bush said, “ I know. He’s a rowdy boy at heart. ”

The Russian comedians thanked Bush for the biolaboratories the US Pentagon funded within Ukraine and told him they were able to evacuate the facilities so Russians didn’t get a hold of the materials.

While mainstream media continues to declare the US-funded biolabs don’t exist, Bush nodded along with the fake Ukrainian president and said, “ Good. Yeah, you’re intelligent. ”

The particular pair of Russian pranksters informed Bush a couple of Ukrainian pilots wanted to say hello during another part of the video.

The clueless former leader raised his hands within triumph after one of the comedians said in Russian, “ Glory to Russia” as they concluded their discussion.

It appears Bush is just as ditsy as he was throughout his disastrous presidency.

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