‘Smart Device’ Covid Test Sends Data Directly To CDC and Other Federal or State Agencies

Tech becoming rolled out to get individuals used to medical surveillance and government-corporation collusion

A Bluetooth-operated molecular Covid-19 test  called Cue is being promoted by companies like Google, the NBA, Netflix and others to obtain people accustomed to constantly examining themselves for viruses and sending their health information directly to the government.

In a February advertisement for the device, a young boy tests for Covid right after learning his friend had tested positive.

When the boy’s mother turns on the Cue device, various other “ smart devices” in your home begin talking to the new gadget.

In the end, the newest technology sends a textual content to the child informing your pet he tested negative.

The particular Cue website advertises the devices as “ Reliable, easy-to-use COVID-19 tests with PCR-quality results delivered right to your mobile device in 20 minutes. No laboratory visits. No lines. Simply no second guessing your results. ”

However , what many people may not be aware of or care about is that the tech is sending their private health data to the CDC, other federal agencies and state agencies.

A “ Reality Sheet For Healthcare Experts ” accompanying the unit states, “ The Cue Health Mobile Application (Cue Health App) automatically reports test outcomes according to the reporting guidelines of the appropriate open public health authorities. ”

The Cue Health App Privacy Policy states the company may share your personal information “ To report to the Centers for Disease Control plus Prevention or other federal agency and/or state government agencies as required for public health surveillance and related purposes. ”

A section of the company’s website boasts the “ NBA, Search engines, Mayo Clinic, NASA, Manley & Johnson, and the U. S. Departments of Health & Human Services plus Defense” use its product.

Just last month, a researcher discovered a security vulnerability for the Cue Covid test kit right after proving the results could be changed.

A security expert named Ken Gannon blocked the data before it was sent to the mobile phone of the user and successfully changed quality result from false to optimistic or vice versa.

The issue has allegedly been set since Gannon exposed the flaw, however it highlights an important issue with shifting towards a fully digital health data platform.

With the elite planning on releasing more pandemics in the future, virus-detecting technology like the Cue Wellness App will be heavily marketed by the corporations and government authorities that desire more control of every aspect of your life.

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