Report: ISIS Terrorists Tried To Make use of Open US Borders In order to Assassinate George W. Bush

Iraqi national caught trying to smuggle co-conspirators across the border

According to a recent F search-warrant application unsealed immediately in the Southern District of Ohio, an ISIS terrorist  planned on assassinating the globalist puppet president George Watts. Bush.

A pair of confidential informants and monitoring of the terrorist’s WhatsApp messages by the agency result in the foiling of the story.

“ A good Iraqi citizen living in Columbus, Ohio, has been charged federally with an immigration crime and with aiding and abetting a plot to murder previous United States President George Watts. Bush, ” a Proper rights Department press release stated.

In November, the person plotting to kill Rose bush allegedly went to Dallas, Texas to film the former president’s house in preparation for that assassination.

While the man’s defense is trying to dispute the FBI entrapped him, the fact that he followed via with filming Bush’s residence will not help his case.

An FBI informant did drive the particular suspect to Dallas for your surveillance mission.

The Columbus, Kansas man, 52-year-old  Shihab Ahmed Shihab, was upset from Bush for destroying the country of Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens within the 2003 invasion and subsequent years.

Right after smuggling his co-conspirators into the country, Shihab allegedly wished to have them sneak back again out through the Southern border.

During FBI surveillance, the agency apparently captured audio of Shihab admitting he charged two individuals associated with the terrorist team Hezbollah $50, 000 to become smuggled into America.

It’s unknown if the FBI is trailing these types of supposed Hezbollah terrorist associates or if they have been apprehended.

Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz pointed out the report “ describes in the absolute starkest terms the necessity to secure the border NOW. ”

America’s non-existent The southern part of border is making area less safe with each passing day.

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