UNITED KINGDOM Issues Beer Shortage Caution

Britain could be facing a bottle deficit due to soaring energy expenses, the largest wholesaler says.

Britain could quickly be hit by a bottled beer shortage as glassware production costs soar, according to leading Scottish wholesaler Dunns Food and Drinks. Suppliers already are starting to struggle with a glasses shortage after prices skyrocketed by 80% over the past year due to rising energy costs.

“ Our wine and spirits suppliers from around the world are facing ongoing struggles that will have a knock-on effect, ”   mentioned Julie Dunn, the procedures director at the company.   “ As a result, there could be less variety in the bottled beers we see on UK shelves, ”   she added.

According to Dunn, some brewers may be forced to change to different containers for his or her products, which could further push prices up for consumers.   “ Expert bottles and glassware keep a very important place in the traditions of the beer industry and am expect that while some breweries will convert to cans to ensure consistent supply, other people will look at this as devaluing the brand, so may inevitably pass the additional cost on to beer drinkers, ”   she said.

Some Scottish brewers have already switched in order to cans in order to drive down increasing packaging prices. Thus, Edinburgh-based Vault City Brewing said it would be selling almost all of the beers in cans rather than bottles from next month. READ MORE:   Sales of Germany’s iconic beverage take backseat amid Covid pandemic

Beer is the most popular alcoholic consume in the United Kingdom, with consumers having spent more than £ 7 billion ($8. 75 billion) on the beverage in 2020.

The German beer industry has also earlier warned that its small- and medium-sized breweries will probably bear the brunt of glassware shortages.

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