Watch: Pro-Abortion Protesters Are Uninformed Lemmings

Hear from the people having to the streets to ensure they can murder babies

A  video  posted by Students for Life of America (SFLA) this particular weekend featured almost ten minutes of left-wing demonstrators struggling to explain why they are so distraught about the overturning of Roe v Wade.

The pair of young ladies interviewing protesters on behalf of SFLA was not made welcome by the supposedly tolerant liberals once they found out they were pro-life.

Some of the protesters started to second-guess their opinions upon getting confronted with basic questions challenging their beliefs.

However , the majority of those evaluated simply regurgitated mainstream talking points about how “ expensive” children are and how “ white men” are trying to rule more than women’s bodies.

Asked why abortion is really controversial, one protester accepted, “ It’s killing a baby. ”

Most of the demonstrators in the video couldn’t say when the fetus turns into a living thing and several of these voiced support for abortion up to birth.

As usual, the left-wing group exposed themselves as being uninformed and unable to engage in thought-provoking dialogue.

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