Biden Prepares For Simultaneous Wars With Russia, China And Iran

The united states is back! Joe Biden introduced on Monday that the ALL OF US would go to war along with China if they were to seep into Taiwan. From  Politico: Whenever asked by a reporter if the U. S. would defend Taiwan if it were assaulted by China, Biden responded: ‘ Yes … That’ s the commitment all of us made. ’ ” “ We agree with a One Tiongkok […]#@@#@!!

America has returned!

Later on Biden announced on Mon that the US would go to war with China when they were to invade Taiwan.

From  Politico :

When asked by a reporter if the U. S. might defend Taiwan if it had been attacked by China, Biden responded: ‘ Yes … That’s the commitment we made. ‘”

“ We agree with a One China and taiwan policy, ” Biden said. “ We’ve signed on to it and all the intended agreements made from there. But the idea that, that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is just not, is just not appropriate. ”

His handlers quickly rushed to place out a statement strolling it back, as the AP  reports :

A White House official said Biden’s responses did not reflect a policy change for the United States, a point echoed more firmly by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, questioned by reporters if Biden’s answer indicated the Oughout. S. would do more to help Taiwan than they have done to help Ukraine plus whether the U. S. had been making a commitment to send troops to help Taiwan in the event of a good invasion.

“ As the president said the One China policy has not changed, ” Austin said at the Pentagon. “ He reiterated that policy plus our commitment to peace plus stability across the Taiwan Strait. He also highlighted our commitment under the Taiwan Relations Act to help provide Taiwan the means to defend itself. Therefore , again, our policy is not really changed. ”

But Biden’s words drew a sharp response from landmass China, which has claimed Taiwan to be a rogue province.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin portrayed “ strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” to Biden’s comments. “ China does not have any room for compromise or concessions on issues including China’s core interests like sovereignty and territorial condition. ”

This individual added, “ China is going to take firm action to safeguard the sovereignty and security interests, and we will do what we state. ”

Politico reported Monday that  Biden’s comments make a war more likely :

The White House moved swiftly to clarify President Joe Biden’s comments, yet his assertion Monday the fact that U. S. will militarily defend Taiwan in the event of the Chinese invasion attempt might actually pave the way to conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

It’s the second time given that October that aides have experienced to walk back Biden’s comments that appear to invert the longtime policy of “ strategic ambiguity” concerning U. S. willingness to defend Taiwan. […]

Observers say Biden’s verbal commitments to protect Taiwan may encourage rather than deter Chinese aggression against Taiwan. Some analysts argue that it could prompt preemptive military action by Beijing whilst China’s military offensive features outstrip U. S. capability to defeat them.

“ I nevertheless think this is Biden’s belly instinct reflected in mindless wording, not a policy reversal, but it is needlessly unsettling … if Biden maintains doing this, it could be a ‘ big deal’ indeed, ” Winston Lord, former Oughout. S. Ambassador to Tiongkok, told POLITICO in a statement. “ We should maintain strategic ambiguity. We can deter Chinese language attacks on Taiwan with out destroying our ambiguous one-China policy, which has been a primary element of our relations along with Beijing for a half centuries. ”

The U. S. relationship along with Taiwan is spelled out in the U. S. -China Three Communiqué s, the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act and the 1982 Six Assurances. The particular TRA commits the U. S. “ to maintain the capability of the United States to resist any resort to force or even other forms of coercion that will jeopardize the security, or the interpersonal or economic system, of the people on Taiwan. ” None of those documents specifically obligate the U. S. in order to military intervention to protect Taiwan in the face of a PRC invasion. But the TRA suggests the U. S. role in maintaining the island’s status quo.

“ It’s not really correct to say that we have dedication to come to Taiwan’s defense … the fact that [Biden] keeps misstating the particular policy ends up undermining prevention, ” said Bonnie Glaser, Asia Program director at the German Marshall Fund states. “ It might well provoke the attack that we making the effort to deter because Xi Jinping could conclude that Cina should act while it still has a conventional advantage. He may feel pushed into a corner by a U. S. immediate challenge to Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan. ”

A Flanke Corporation report published Monday backs Glaser’s assessment from the balance of power throughout the Taiwan Strait. The record warns that the U. H. currently lacks the capacity to deter and defeat a fiscal blockade of Taiwan, not to mention a full-scale invasion from the island. “ The push requirements for the United States are likely to be heavy. The majority of U. S. reactions require sizable military forces. This force must be available shortly after the United States chooses to react if the response is to be in any way effective, ” the report said.

Biden seems to be constantly baited by reporters into agreeing with anything at all they ask but the potential customer of the US intervening militarily in defense of Taiwan sounds quite likely to me. If anything, this was a “ senior moment” where he ended up up and told the truth ( like we all saw with George W. Bush last week ).

Biden’s promise not to put boots on the floor in Ukraine and danger World War III along with Russia  was clearly a lie.   The White House within yet another provocation is now reportedly  debating sending soldiers to Kiev as canon fodder   to “ help guard” the reopened embassy.  

In March, Biden called for regime change within Russia in a scripted talk and then his handlers “ walked it back” simply by claiming it wasn’t the call for regime change.  

We’ve noticed this song and dance before.  

Last week, the Times of Israel documented that the Biden regime, inside a first, will hold military workouts with Israel “ simulating a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. ”

On Sunday, Israel reportedly assassinated Iranian General Hassan Sayad Khodayari within Tehran.

In related news, the CIA additional two stars to the Memorial Wall that “ commemorates officers who provided their lives in service. ”

The officials were not named and no info has been shared on exactly where they were killed.  

The New York Times  reported   last year that the CIA has been getting their ass given to them by China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan, with dozens of informants/agents being taken, executed or turned into double agents.

One would think that after the debacle in Afghanistan our occupiers might take a step back from choosing fights and antagonizing the particular Eastern world but instead these types of just doubling down.  

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