Senators Demand All Internal Information On Biden ‘Ministry Of Truth’

“So that individuals can learn why the particular Department ever thought developing a disinformation board would be a great idea. ”

Five Senators have demanded that the Biden administration turn over all inner records relating to the right now mothballed Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, dubbed the ‘ Ministry of Truth’ by experts.

The particular Senators sent a joint letter Monday to DHS  Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas noting “ We write in order to request immediate access to all of records and communications associated with the Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board. ”

The letter further described “ We are therefore challenging transparency into the Department’s decision-making process so that we can understand why the Department actually thought creating a disinformation table would be a good idea. ”

It also takes goal at Mayorkas for testifying that he had no idea concerning the “ long history of partisan public statements” of Nina Jankowicz , the person who the DHS mind placed in charge of the disinformation scheme.

“ On May 4, 2022, you testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee about the creation of this new board and accepted sole responsibility with regard to appointing Nina Jankowicz as its Executive Director. Surprisingly, you testified that you were not conscious of her long history of partisan public statements, ” the particular letter notes.

The Senators included a list of demands for the DHS to supply:

the. written or recorded marketing communications concerning the formation of the Plank;

b. the agenda or minutes from any meeting at which the particular Board’s formation was discussed;

c. any legal review to determine if the activities of the Board would be authorized by the Constitution states;

d. any kind of communications or records regarding the individuals who would be recruited in order to serve on the Board;

e. any marketing communications concerning the appointment of an executive director for the Board; and

f. any communications with the White House about the formation of the Panel or appointment of authorities to serve on the Panel.

The Senators who put their own names to the letter are  Josh Hawley (MO),   Rick Scott (FL),   Rand Paul (KY),   Ron Johnson (WI)  and  James Lankford (OK).  


As we noted a week ago, it appears the disinformation panel is only on hold because it was exposed, with some caution that the scheme likely will return in stealth.

Mayorkas has selected former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff to replace the completely compromised Jankowicz and to direct a “ thorough review” of the scheme.

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