UNITED KINGDOM Braces for Internet “Blackouts” Due to Coming “Wave of Bankruptcies”

Smaller broadband suppliers “being pushed to the brink” by inflation

Internet “ blackouts” as a result of a “ wave of bankruptcies” in broadband networks could be on the way.

British daily newspaper  The Telegraph  noted this week   that certain smaller broadband providers are “ being pushed to the brink” that the associated with inflation could eventually leave homes without connectivity.  

Ofcom, the government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecoms and postal industries from the United Kingdom, is already in the midst of creating “ contingency plans” along with telecom company BT to take on thousands of its customers in the event that smaller suppliers begin to fall short.  

BT has seen more than a hundred and fifty smaller challengers materialize plus try and compete with it. Several companies have been backed by private equity, pension funds and sovereign wealth, the document notes.  

But there could be too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen. The particular increased competition means that a few companies are going to be “ pushed to the brink”, the report notes.  

One industry supply told  The Telegraph:   “ It appears to be a bit of a red flashing light that Ofcom will be thinking about it at all. It can not be entirely sustainable when you curently have big network builders. ”

Smaller provider  People’s Fibre was already bought out of bankruptcy/administration by Swish Fibre last December. The could face additional combination of this sort, the report says, quoting analysts within the space.

“ … a wave of consolidation will eventually sweep through the broadband industry, ” some analysts said.  

A spokesperson for Ofcom commented: “ We keep a close eyesight on the broadband market to make sure we know what’s happening on a lawn, as part of our work to support fibre investment and shield customers. Usually, when a network company fails, it’s offered as a going concern and customers don’t experience a loss of service.   In the unlikely event that a network suddenly failed and ceased to provide services, we would work with alternative suppliers to help customers get reconnected as quickly as possible. ”

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