University or college Changes Name Amid Interpersonal Justice Pressure

Utah state legislature altering Dixie State University’s name to ‘Utah Tech University’

After two years of pressure through activists, the Utah state legislature is changing Dixie State University’s name to “ Utah Tech University. ”

“ This is not a new discussion at Dixie State College. We used to be the Dixie Rebels so we changed our own mascot. We used to have the Confederate flag (so) we all changed that, ” Dixie President Richard Williams  mentioned, per  KSL. com reporting.  

Campus Reform  has  covered   activists’ pressure around the university to change its title since 2020.  

The term “ Dixie” created problems for the college and its affiliates beyond Ut. A report commissioned by the university from Cicero Group discovered that the term “ Dixie” was impacting staff recruitment, admissions, and marketing, according to the local news outlet.  

The name alter will become official on July 1 .  

The university has also launched new athletic and school logos to correspond using the change, and the school’s site has begun using the new branding.

In 2020, Dixie published a  statement  addressing the “ negative connotations” of the term while honoring the term’s regional which means, leaving any decisions on the name change to the local government.  

“ We are cognizant of and sensitive to the multiple meanings associated with the name ‘ Dixie. We respect the regional meaning of Dixie used by many, describing the local heritage and honoring the men and women who settled the attractive St . George area, ” it read.

petition   created nine years back to change the name acquired a mere 261 supporters — the fraction of its  student body   of over 11, 500 people.  

Dixie State earned the name after its place in   St . George, Utah. The city has had the  nickname   “ Utah’s Dixie” given that 1857.  

According to Dixie State University’s official news service, it was the year that a handful of family members “ moved to the south west corner of the state to determine a town and develop cotton. ”

The statement acknowledges that will “ the regional title is used to honor the particular area’s pioneering heritage associated with grit, service, and sacrifice. ”

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