Weapon Rights Are More Important Compared to False Security & Appeasing Leftists

Let’s be obvious about what is really going on: The particular intention of political elites and the left is not “reasonable gun control. ” Their own purpose is indeed confiscation. Incrementalism is the name of the sport.

If there is one Holy Grail target that the politics left obsesses over a lot more that anything else, it is obtaining their hands on the 2 nd   Amendment and molding it to their will or erasing this forever.

The pursuit of American gun rights is very important to them, beyond critical competition theory, beyond gender politics, even beyond the child killingilligal baby killing debate. The problem for them is the fact that ever since the Obama period they have consistently hit a brick wall in terms of persuading the general public to give another in . of ground when it comes to weapon control.

To make sure, there are many reasons for this that will coincide. First, the credit score crash of 2008 opened up many people’s eyes to the possibility that the economic techniques we take for granted today could disappear tomorrow. Gun rights were no longer a matter of “ tradition, ” but a matter of necessity. If the system stops working and emergency services are usually overwhelmed or disappear then the only person you can rely on to protect your family is you. Mortal realities always win over psychological and reactionary demands. Basically, the benefits of individual self protection greatly outweigh any possible risks of criminality or even abuse.

2nd, the advent of the covid mandates, lockdowns and the blatant attempts to implement shot passport tyranny upon fifty percent the population of this country just as before reinforced the idea that gun legal rights are more important than ever. Without the unified refusal to conform by conservatives and some reasonable Americans, it is highly likely that our nation would be within the same situation as China is right now – A useless cycle of lockdowns, authoritarian denial of basic services for people that refuse to submit to a highly experimental mRNA vaccine, and even worse provide chain disruptions and monetary instability than we curently have.

Make no mistake, the reason the US is mainly free from these draconian conditions today is because of the carried on existence of the 2 nd   Variation and an armed citizenry. Without these things, there is no longer any obstacle to enforcing whatever unconstitutional provisions the particular establishment wants.

Third, with the advent of the particular BLM riots, inflationary challenges and rising crime prices, there has been a renewed curiosity about gun ownership in the US amongst normies. It’s not just a conservative trend, many democrats have got suddenly taken an interest furthermore. There is very little chance that increased gun restrictions are likely to happen with the approval of the public. The only way it could even be attempted is via executive order, and many countless Americans will simply say ‘ no’, just as they did with the vaccine passports.

And, let’s end up being clear about what is really going on: The intention of political elites and the left is just not “ reasonable gun manage. ” Their purpose is indeed confiscation.

Incrementalism is the name of the video game. Lets not forget what we saw with the covid passports – At first they claimed there were no plans to institute anything like a vaccine passport system. They said it was “ conspiracy theory. ” Then, not more than a year later on Biden tried to enforce proof of vaccination through executive order. Suddenly, it wasn’t conspiracy theory theory anymore.

The same strategy has been tried with gun rights in the past, and they will try to do it again. Just like every other Western nation that has restricted gun ownership right down to almost nothing, they start with the particular “ scary” semi-auto weaponry and work their method down until you have absolutely nothing left. Or, until just people with considerable money have the ability to purchase a firearm (which will be the case through most of Europe).

I realise that leftists are not fully opposed to the idea of gun ownership because they often pretend to be. I think they would actually like to keep their own guns if possible, they just don’t want individuals like you and I to have them. Picky gun confiscation would be their ideal, which is the same precise strategy used by the Nazis, who selectively  banned gun ownership for Judaism citizens   plus anyone politically opposed to the 3rd Reich but let other Germans keep their weapons.

I would note that whenever gun crimes and mass murders are committed by people that are ideologically opposed to conservatives, the media and leftists often easily stop caring about acquiring action. They only seem to care when the crime could be associated with their political opponents.

We all know that leftists constantly argue that very conservative are inherently dangerous. It only takes one more step for them to claim that conservative thought is in by itself a “ mental illness” and that our guns needs to be taken by default. But let’s talk about REAL mental illness for a moment, shall all of us?

Let’s talk about recent active shooters such as Payton Gendron with weird political and ideological beliefs that have nothing to do with conservative principles. Democrats like AOC and Chuck Schumer immediately tried to link Gendron, the particular Buffalo grocery store shooter, to conservatives and the Republican party. Yet, in only a few days time they were suddenly silent regarding the whole event and the media was oddly quiet. Yet why?

Because it turns out, Gendron’s philosophies had been entirely socialist, with tinges of fascism and the reds within the same framework. In fact , Gendron stated on multiple occasions that he hated very conservative and identified himself being an “ eco-fascist. ” He or she also had a history of reviews concerning his mental safety and health. The media’s focus on “ replacement theory” was a crystal clear distraction from the real problem at hand. Their assertion is that if you are critical of unlawful immigration, then you are instantly a racist and share a good ideological boat with people such as Payton Gendron. But then, their own narrative fell apart in order to became obvious that Gendron was actually anti-conservative.

In the case of Salvador Ramos, details are still emerging regarding the Texas school shooter and his affiliations, but some information has been leaked despite the media’s quick move to control the story. For example , Ramos is not the particular white conservative monster the leftists need to fulfill their particular narrative requirements. Photos may also be in circulation allegedly obtained from his social media accounts which usually suggest he was transgendered and identified as “ they/them. ” I’ll stress right here though that his social networking accounts have been completely scrubbed plus right now there is no way to make sure this claim is true. Exactly why his accounts were removed so quickly is not crystal clear, but surely we will know more in the next couple of days.

Leftists are swiftly relocating to refute any probability that Ramos was transgendered; maybe they are right, maybe not. They were also very quick in order to deny that Darrell Brooks Jr., the mass great that ran down the parade of people with his vehicle in Waukesha, WI,   was a supporter associated with BLM . But , since it turned out initial reports simply by internet sleuths were correct. Suddenly, leftists were fielding arguments that he was “ pushed” to commit the particular crime by “ institutional racism. ”

If it turns out that Ramos did in fact identify since trans, then the media information will surely change once again. I got no doubt there will be a move to defend Ramos as a tragic figure, rather than a monster, as well as the blame will be placed on their state of Texas and their particular legislative actions to stop transgender policies from invading their own public school system.

The point is, there is no link between gun rights followers or conservatives and weapon crime as leftists often claim. I can find just as many if not more incidences associated with mass murder perpetrated by leftists.

The common thread between all of these killers and events is not guns or gun rights. Rather, it is blatant signs of mental sickness and ideological zealotry. The media will not address this issue, and political puppets such as Joe Biden will not address it either. Remember, the particular goal is gun confiscation, not public safety. When they actually cared about open public safety then the mental illness connection would not be disregarded.

It is also essential to point out that such tragedies are not limited to the US as being a gun grabbers would like you to believe. Numerous mass murder incidences have taken place in Europe and Asia regardless of strict gun control. Lots of people have forgotten the holocaust of French citizens in Paris in November of 2015 by Islamic militants with AK47s. Or, how about the mass killing of Spanish citizens by Muslim terrorists in Barcelona in 2017 using a moving vehicle?

Another aspect which is almost always present during mass murder events is that a lot of them occur in gun totally free zones; places where transporting by law abiding citizens can be denied or frowned on. If we are going to address the void of mass murder, we cannot disregard the commonalities of mental sickness and gun free places. The existence of guns in civilian hands is not the problem, if this were then mass murders would be a daily occurrence in each community in the country. However , this does not stop leftists through trying to exploit every disaster as an opportunity to attack weapon rights.

They don’t care about nuance or truthful solutions, they just would like guns out of the hands of people they don’t like. The business also wants guns away from public hands for obvious reasons; it makes it much easier to erode other parts of the metabolism when the 2 nd   Amendment is no longer a deterrent. Joe Biden argues that Americans “ need to stand up to the weapon lobby” in the wake from the Texas shooting, but the weapon lobby has nothing to do with these events either. The biggest gun lobby in the US is the American people standing in defense of their freedoms, and they have committed no criminal offense.

At underside, no gun owner or gun rights advocate is to blame for what happened in New York or Texas earlier this week. We didn’t make the crimes, but the assertion is that we should be punished in any case. Well, I’m not going to permit that, and millions of very conservative and liberty minded individuals are not going to allow it. The appeal for new gun manage measures and confiscation is definitely aimed at the political remaining, and it is designed to make them feel better about the reality of tragedy. It’s a false silver topic solution (no pun intended). It doesn’t address the real reasons behind mass violence, it only makes us more susceptible to it.

Frankly, I don’t care if leftists feel better, or feel like they accomplished something if they did not. I also know that increased gun control is interesting to many of them simply because this goes against the values of individuals they hate – we. e. conservatives. The fact is this: No matter what tragedy arises, our own right to self defense overall much more important than appeasing the particular emotions of the moment. All of us won’t be giving up our weapons. It’s not going to happen. They believe we will capitulate given sufficient threats or enough pressure, and they are wrong. It will not end well for them.

Other solutions need to be explored because the path to a revision or erasure of the 2 nd   Amendment, whether by legislation or by executive purchase, is nothing more than a path to civil war. It’s time for you to move on from the foolish idea that taking away guns from everyone (or just the individuals we disagree with politically) solves the underlying causes of holocaust. It doesn’t remove the motivation, nor does it even remove the means, it only sets the stage for a conflict that will leftists will find impossible to win.


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