YouTube CEO at World Economic Forum: “There’ll always be work that we have to do” in order to censor “misinformation”

A commitment to constant censorship.

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting for 2022, a celebration where powerful CEOs plus world leaders meet to “ find solutions to the world’s most urgent problems, ” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki committed to persistent censorship of “ misinformation” and praised YouTube’s existing censorship efforts.

Wojcicki made the comments right after Alyson Shontell Lombardi, the particular Editor-in-Chief of Fortune Mag,   asked her   whether YouTube’s efforts to censor misinformation will always be a “ operate progress. ”

“ I think there’ll continually be work that we have to do simply because there will always be incentives for people to be creating misinformation, ” Wojcicki said. “ The challenge is to keep staying ahead of that and make sure that we are understanding what they are and the different ways that people may use to try to trick our techniques and make sure that our techniques are staying ahead of elaborate necessary to make sure that we are handling that. ”

Wojcicki continued by adoring YouTube’s 5-6 year effort of cracking down on articles that’s deemed to be misinformation and said that users who look at YouTube search results or maybe the homepage will see content from “ authoritative sources” (mainstream media outlets that Youtube . com designates as authoritative) regarding “ sensitive topics. ”

Earlier in the conversation, Wojcicki  said   YouTube is “ trading a huge amount to make sure that we’re combating misinformation” and discussed the different ways YouTube is breaking down on misinformation. She pointed to YouTube introducing ten COVID censorship policies, YouTube’s policy of not recommending “ borderline content” which usually doesn’t break YouTube’s rules but is deemed to be “ lower quality, ” and YouTube’s policy associated with demonetizing content that’s considered to be “ propagating something which is generally understood as not accurate information. ”

Wojcicki also  talked about YouTube’s violative view rate (VVR)   – a metric that shows how many views originate from content that violates YouTube’s rules. The metric shows how swiftly YouTube will be censoring content. A low VVR signals that most of the content material YouTube removes is being removed before viewers have a chance to watch it.

Wojcicki noted that simply 10-12 views of every 10, 000 come from violative content material and that this number has “ come down significantly” as time passes.

“ Our plan is to continue to work on it and make sure that we all continue to reduce that, ” Wojcicki added.

Wojcicki’s commitment to always crackdown on misinformation echoes her and the platform’s earlier vows to censor misinformation. Days ago, Wojcicki  promised   to tackle “ misinformation” in order to win over corporate cash. Plus earlier this year, she  mentioned : “ Tackling false information and other harmful content is a top priority. ”

YouTube has already  deleted more than a million video clips for “ COVID false information, ”   plans to preemptively censor “ new misinformation, ” and  offers considered hiding the talk about button to prevent misinformation distribute .

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