BREAKING: Biden Set To Profit Away Monkeypox Vaccine That He Purchased As President

Can anyone be held accountable for this blatant conflict of interest?

Tanker Howley joined Owen Shroyer during Wednesday’s live tranny of “ War Room” to deliver breaking news in regards to the pharmaceutical corruption of May well Biden and his connection to the particular monkeypox virus.

The University of Pennsylvania Hospital, where a globalist think tank called the Penn Biden Center is located, is receiving loads of cash for assisting with the vaccine.

According to a recent article by Howley , “ Joe Biden’s web host university profited from assisting Bavarian Nordic develop the particular MVA-BN monkeypox vaccine. ”

In return, the particular think tank named after Joe Biden will be abundantly rewarded and the senile leader can go back to work there after his term.

Speaking to Shroyer, Howley explained, “ Joe Biden stands to benefit from the monkeypox vaccine. ”

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