DHS Sec. Tells Immigrants ‘Do Not Come to the Border’ After US Streamlines Procedure For Ukrainians

“Families encountered will continue to be expelled… below Title 42, ” Mayorkas claims

ALL OF US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas commanded potential migrants abroad not to come to the US in a video posted in order to Twitter Tuesday.

“ Do not come to the boundary, ”   Mayorkas demanded in the footage. “ Family members encountered will continue to be expelled… under Title 42. ” But not all families are created equal– at least according to the DHS. In March, Mayorkas issued a memo which usually,   according to CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS News ,   “ is designed to remind Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers that their power to exempt certain migrants from Name 42… applies to Ukrainians searching for U. S. refuge. ”

Since the institution of the pandemic-related clause in 2020, Title 42 provides reportedly been invoked to deport nearly 1 . 6 million immigrants– the vast majority of all of them from Latin American nations. In late April, US Chief executive Joe Biden announced a  “ humanitarian parole program”   known as  “ Uniting for Ukraine, ”   which his administration said will  “ offer an expedient channel for secure legal migration from European countries to the United States for Ukrainians who have a U. T. sponsor. ” The DHS described the  “ efficient process”   accorded to the privileged potential immigrants because the fulfillment of  “ Chief executive Biden’s commitment to welcome up to 100, 000 Ukrainians. ” Secretary Mayorkas provides denied there’s a double regular in the US treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees, but immigrant legal rights activists have reacted with outrage after reportedly watching thousands of Ukrainians cross the border in just days, with few apparent hurdles.

“ We have legal rights as migrants to combination the border just like the Ukrainians, ”   said 1 demonstrator at an April 29th protest held outside the US consulate in Tijuana  denouncing   the particular discriminatory policy. “ We’ve seen individuals from other countries given access, but it’s not fair we aint able to get in, ”   another protester explained to Border Review. When the selective easing of Title 42 restrictions designed for Ukrainians was announced within March, the associate director of the immigration advocacy team Human Rights First expressed  similar indignation :

“ Exactly where were the exemptions pertaining to Haitian asylum-seekers arriving final fall? Where are those exemptions… for asylum-seekers from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras? ” Without end in sight as Biden signs off on an additional $40 Billion in mainly military aid to Ukraine, it seems everyone from the Palestinians shot dead for challenging a state of their own to American mothers  relying on GoFundMe   to give food to their infants will be required to continue asking similar questions.

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