Pictures: Bullet Grazed Head associated with Hero Border Patrol Real estate agent Who Went on ‘Suicide Mission’ to Kill Uvalde Present shooter

Off-duty agent one of several law enforcement officials credited with subduing deranged gunman who went on capturing rampage inside elementary college.

Photos have emerged identifying the Border Patrol first responder who reportedly went on a suicide mission inside the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, to get mass shooter Salvador Ramos.

Within photos shared on social networking, the off-duty Border Patrol agent, who’s a member of the agency’s elite Bortac tactical group, can be seen outfitted within a bulletproof vest with a rifle swung around him.

The agent will be one of three Border Patrol agents credited with subduing Ramos, 18, after the deranged gunman went on a rampage inside the school killing nineteen children and 2 instructors.

“ 2 sheriff’s deputies accompanied the agents inside, ” the particular Washington Examiner reports .

According to one federal real estate agent, the harrowing task was deemed a “ committing suicide mission” due to the fact the player with the dice had a tactical advantage.

“ If you have a barricaded subject and he has the advantage because he’s barricaded — if you rush with the door, not only do you have deceased kids but dead cops, ” the official said, based on the Examiner . “ It’s suicide to attempt to rush a barricaded subject. ”

Another photo shows the officer required staples on his head after a bullet shot by Ramos grazed the top from the agent’s head.

Another photo shows a tear within the agent’s baseball cap that was caused by the shooter’s gunfire, illustrating how close a bullet came to the agent’s head.

Fortunately, the agents were effective in neutralizing the danger before more innocent individuals died.

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