Rose bush Dynasty Ends with Whimper as Jeb’s Son Squashed by Trump-backed Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General clobbered Bush handily during Republican primary runoff election, defeating him by a 2-to-1 margin.

The Bush family members dynasty that’s reigned supreme in American politics for more than 40 years was brought to an abrupt end as Trump-backed Attorney General Ken Paxton beat the son of Jeb, George P. Bush, Tuesday night.

Paxton, who’s served as the Lone Star State’s attorney general since 2015, clobbered Bush handily during the Republican primary runoff political election beating him by a 2-to-1 margin, leaving the former two-term Texas land commissioner from a job.

“ Things didn’t go as we planned. But after the tragic events of earlier today, it’s important to keep life’s temporary disappointments in perspective, ” Bush said in a declaration attempting to deflect from the stinging loss in his home condition. “ There are grieving moms and dads in South Texas nowadays.   My family and I are grieving with them. ”

The defeat means the Bushes, at one time a major force to be reckoned with on par with the Clintons, for the first time in 40 years have zero family member holding political office.

Of course , a lot of Infowars readers are also aware of the family’s close connections to the Yale secret culture dubbed The Order associated with Skull & Bones, in whose “ Bonesmen” rosters include several Bushes, including George W. Bush, his father President George H. W. Bush, and his grandfather, previous Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush.

(Interestingly, The Order was sued in February yr by the descendants of Apache Chief Geronimo, who alleged in a federal lawsuit that the group was in possession of their ancestor’s skull – which members are usually alleged to have posed along with in group photos for many years.

( George Watts. Bush circled in picture with Geronimo’s skull. )

The skull was apparently stolen from the warrior’s plot at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, by members of Skull & Bones who were positioned at the base, with some balances alleging Prescott Bush performed a role in the theft. The lawsuit was dismissed the next year. )

This is the latest development for the Bush family which has managed to generate headlines in latest weeks with the FBI foiling a plot to assassinate W , in addition to the former president also being fooled by Russian comedian pranksters .

The defeat also speaks to the power of Donald Trump’s endorsement, with Paxton getting the nod after having gone to bat for the former president in the aftermath from the 2020 election.

In the days after the selection was stolen in 2020, Paxton fought hard to get Trump, going as far as to file a government complaint with all the US Supreme Court asking the Justices to weigh in on the unlawful last-minute changes in voting rules that he said disenfranchised Tx voters.

George P. pushed hard to receive the Trump endorsement last year, pledging “ unyielding loyalty” to the former president and even trying to win over Trump voters within Texas with pro-Trump merchandise.

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