Troubling Video: ‘Drag Queen’ Shakes His Ass For Students

America’s youth are being publicly groomed at public educational institutions

An Iowa senior high school is facing criticism right after footage was posted on the web showing grown men putting on thongs and performing intimate dance routines for the school’s teenagers.

The Gay-Straight Alliance team at Ankeny High School managed the event, which was allegedly not approved by the school.

Popular drag performers from around the Des Moines area drove in for the club’s end-of-the-year meeting.

One performer’s dance schedule is going viral after being posted by the popular Tweets page Libs of TikTok.

The Iowa Standard posted an image from the event showing a student appearing to give a money to a dancer as if they were at a strip club.

Local news outlet KCCI 8 covered the community’s outrage at the drag show, noting the event was for that gay club and “ not for the entire school. ”

A performer told the outlet the particular drag routines were “ important for students to see. ”

The pull queen told parents that are upset about the event in order to “ broaden their horizons, ” and claimed the shows held for teens are “ not always the sexual act. ”

A statement released by the senior high school explained, “ This functionality was after school and localized to the students participating in the club. It was not really approved by the building administration, and it is currently under investigation . ”

Meanwhile, the institution continues to claim conservatives cantankerous about grooming in universities are kooky conspiracy theorists.

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