Hypocrite Davos Elite Emit Huge Amounts Of Carbon Dioxide Traveling To Summit

The establishment life lavishly while the masses stay dependent

The global elite emitted thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide on a trip to the Davos Summit in Switzerland this week only to press their climate agenda in the world.

As WND reviews , “ Global elites like George Soros, Costs Gates and John Kerry descended upon Davos, a web-based Alpine resort town within Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF)  yearly meeting   which usually lasted from Monday in order to Thursday. The conference’s ‘ global agenda’  focused   largely upon  sustainability and weather change   along with major event sessions  titled   ‘ Safeguarding Our Planet and People’  and   ‘ Staying on Course for Nature Action’ as the group  says   it works with numerous stakeholders ‘ limit global temperature rise and stave off disaster’ on its internet site. ”

Holly Kissinger, George Soros, Costs Gates and John Kerry are just a few of the high-profile people who attended the event.

According to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis, “ 10 private one-way flights departed various European cities on Wed evening and landed in St . Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, the  closest airstrip   to Davos, emitting approximately 43, 440 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment. ”

The DCNF also reported Leader Biden’s envoy to the summit John Kerry flew on a commercial airline.

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini questioned UN Special Envoy for Climate Action Tag Carney about being a weather hypocrite.

So how exactly does the UN Climate Charge justify the massive carbon footprint here today? ” Yemini asked Carney only to be ignored.

Later, Yemini saw Carney again and joked about eating bug sandwiches and owning nothing but being happy, a phrase from an actual Globe Economic Forum advertisement.

The hypocrisy of the global elite can be nothing new and as period goes on, their arrogance only grows stronger.

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