Video clip: Biden Education Secretary Says Biological Males Should Be Allowed To Compete In Girls’ Sport

Refuses to answer issue on whether school districts should keep a kid’s involvement in gender transition a secret from mom and dad

Joe Biden’s Education and learning Secretary declared Thursday which he believes biological boys needs to be allowed to compete against ladies in sports, and even accused his questioner, GOP Congressman Jim Banks, of wanting to exclude children by talking about their biological gender.

During a Congressional hearing, Banks questioned Cardona on the administration’s attitude toward “ gender identity”.

Banks told Cardona that “ Title IX of the Education Amendments associated with 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex. However , your section is currently pushing a guideline to force every college in America to add non binary as a sex characteristic. ”

“ How can the Department of Schooling enforce sex based discrimination when the very definition of intercourse is so unclear? ” Banking institutions asked.

“ We’re not pushing for this. We are allowing states that have different categories to use all those different categories of data collection that they’re already collecting, ” Cardona claimed.

“ So you’re not awaiting a rule to add non binary? ” Banks additional asked Cardona.

“ We’re allowing declares to report whatever classifications they have in their states, ” Cardona responded.

Banks then moved to übung on the sports issue, inquiring “ do you believe that biological male athletes competing in women’s sports are in issue with Title IX defenses for female athletes? ”  

Right after failing to properly answer problem, Banks doubled down, requesting “ Do you think it’s fair for biological boys to compete against girls within sports? ”

Cardona responded “ Friend, I see where your questions are getting, and I’m going to be very clear with you — our transgender students need to feel backed, included, and seen, ” adding “ And, your own line of questioning is, even by describing it the way you’re doing it, shows me personally that you don’t believe that all college students should have access to the after school activities that schools supply. ”

Banking institutions told Cardona that “ somehow, somewhere you and this administration believe that Title IX somehow protects biological kids for competing against women and sports. You’re alright with that. ”


The Congressman then requested Cardona three times if he agrees “ that college districts should keep a child’s involvement in gender transition a secret from their parents? ”

Cardona again did not correctly answer the question, instead talking about such situations as “ very sensitive. ”


Before he took up the position of Training Secretary, Cardona made it very clear during his Senate verification hearing that he supports natural males competing against girls in sports.

“ I think it’s significantly important to respect the legal rights of all students, including students who are  transgender, and that they are afforded the opportunities that every other student has to participate in extracurricular actives, ” Cardona said at the time under questioning from Senator Flanke Paul, who noted that will such a development would “ completely destroy girls athletics”.

Paul informed Cardona “ A lot of us think that that’s bizarre, you know? Not so fair, ” adding “ I think most people in the country believe it’s bizarre. You know? That it’s just completely bizarre and unfair that people, and you’re gonna run the education? You’ve got no problem with it? ”

“ I mean, to think it’s okay that young boys would compete with girls in the track meet, and that for some reason would be fair, ” the Kentucky senator continued, positing “ I wonder where feminists are on this. I wonder where the people who supported women’s sports are on this particular. ”


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