Watch: Klaus Schwab Cosies Plan Head Of Pfizer As They Condemn ‘Conspiracy People’ And ‘Anti-vaxxers’

“There is a very fanatic group that would go after all of us no matter what. “

At the on-going globalist World Economic Forum gathering of elitists in Davos, Switzerland, Bond bad guy wannabe Klaus Schwab plus Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sat down to discuss their “ groundbreaking” plans in order to distribute vaccines globally whilst attacking those they describe as ‘ conspiracy people’ and ‘ anti-vaxxers’ who have resist.

Bourla told Schwab that will his company has guaranteed governments in Europe as well as the U. S. will continue to keep protect pharmaceutical companies against lawsuits if vaccines they sell are “ not working out there well. ”

“ With any other medication, for example , we don’t request anyone to do anything with liabilities, ” Bourla said, adding “ but with the vaccine, we knew there is a very fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that would go after us regardless of what. ”

He or she continued, “ They will claim that the sun didn’t go up due to the fact people were vaccinated and that made issues with the crop, ‘ So , I’m suing you. ‘”

“ And one thing it is to prosecute you in the US another thing would be to sue you in a nation where the legal system is not really up to the standards or Swiss. So , I think that’s behind us. Everything went alright and I think we can move on, ” the Pfizer CEO proclaimed.

Schwab chimed in declaring “ I believe we were — we were each targets of the anti-vaccine actions and conspiracy people declaring that I had triple — I wondered what it is — triple Covid. ”

“ I think you got hundreds of thousands of keys to press and so on, ” Schwab additional, to which Bourla sarcastically responded “ I read 1 day I was arrested by FBI. ”

“ Same happened to me, ” Schwab said.

The Pfizer head continued, “ And there are images of me in the F offices — I don’t know how, ” adding “ The surprising thing it is that the same publication — had published the previous one which was arrested was the pope by FBI, ” Bourla continued. “ Ridiculous. ”

“ And we are in good company, ” Schwab laughed.

Could the ‘ conspiracy theory people’ these two gouls explain here be the same those who are concerned about Bourla and Schwab’s  fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal to authorities when a drug continues to be digested, to ensure ‘ compliance’.

These types of psychopaths are the target associated with ‘ conspiracy people’ exactly because they are engaged in open efforts to infiate their governments and to economically and medically enslave people .

The truth they act surprised at this betrays just how demented they really are.

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