Bombshell: Classmate Reveals Uvalde Player with the dice ‘Not a Good Person, ’ Hurt Animals

Account paints completely different picture associated with Ramos than what’s been reported in the media.

The classmate of Uvalde player with the dice Salvador Ramos recalls the 18-year-old assailant who killed 21 people was “ not a good person” and sometimes hurt animals, red flags that run contrary to claims he previously no known mental medical issues.

In an interview with WFAA Dallas , Uvalde High School senior Ivan Arellano revealed he was familiar with Ramos, who he says was not bullied, but rather the bully.

“ Salvador Ramos was a boy who was not bullied, ” Arellano told reporters. “ He’d try to pick on individuals but fail, and it might aggravate him. ”

Arellano went on to say Ramos was troubled and often hurt animals, and recognized what he was revealing was not being reported within the media.

“ I don’t see this covered and I’m going to put this out there: He would harm animals. He was not a great person, ” Arellano stated.

Animal rudeness has been recognized by the FBI as a red flag an individual experiences a mental disorder, like sociopathy or psychopathy, and often foreshadows the individual carrying out assault against humans.

Contrast this with promises made by MSNBC’s Joy Reid that Ramos suffered “ no mental health issues. ”

Arellano’s comments also fly in the face of mainstream media reports claiming Ramos has been bullied at school .

Another classmate, Crystal Foutz, who says she worked with Ramos in Whataburger, also described the particular deceased shooter as being the aggressor in confrontational situations.

“ He generally seemed to take his fury out on the most innocent individual in the room, ” Foutz told  KTBC-TV   in Austin.

The testimonies paint a totally different picture of Ramos than what’s been reported in the media, and suggest there were plenty of warnings that could have served as warning flags before Monday’s tragic shooting.

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New Information About Uvalde Shooting Casts Doubt Upon Official Story

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