‘How Do You Feel About Exploiting Lifeless Kids? ’: Beto Heckled Over Uvalde Gun Manage Stunt

Comes after Democrat gubernatorial candidate tried scoring political factors by crashing a GOP press conference providing up-dates of Uvalde mass capturing.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Francis “ Beto” O’Rourke (D) was confronted by an independent reporter over his disgraceful stunt earlier recently where he rushed a stage of GOP leaders supplying updates about the Uvalde capturing.

“ How do you feel about exploiting dead kids? ” reporter Received Hernandez asked Beto during a meet-and-greet outside the NRA conference in Houston on Fri. “ Do you care? The fogeys in Uvalde said they didn’t want you there. ”

“ What do you say to the parents I talked to yesterday in Uvalde which said they didn’t need you there? They didn’t want you to do that, Beto. ”

The Texas Democrat ignored Hernandez’s questions and continued shaking hands with supporters.

“ What kind of ‘ beta’ exploits dead kids? ” Hernandez asked. “ Why are you exploiting lifeless kids, Beta? BETA! BETA! ”

The particular footage cuts off as Beto supporters appeared to block and accost Hernandez.

Beto attempted shaming GOP leaders for not supporting weapon control during a solemn press conference earlier this week, sparking anger from Uvalde occupants, including the town’s mayor.

“ I can’t think you’re a sick boy of a bitch who would get to a deal like this to make a political issue! ” Mayor Don McLaughlin told him.

Other residents expressed their disgust with Beto’s attempt to score political points through the Robb Elementary School mass shooting.

“ Yeah it’s bull— :, man, ” one anonymous resident informed Fox News. “ People are grieving, seeking to process their loss plus Beto is running around accomplishing this stuff. It’s bull— :, save it for later. ”

Prior to the capturing, Beto had said on his campaign website that he desires to “ reduce the number” of AR-15s in circulation, a reversal of his original call to ban just about all semiautomatic rifles outright.

But after the Uvalde shooting, Beto reverted back to his original position, updating his website to say that no civilian should own an AR-15 or AK-47.

Uvalde Residents Furious At Beto Over Political Stunt On Mass Shooting Presser

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