TX Governor ‘Livid’ After He Was ‘Misled’ About Law enforcement Response In Uvalde Shooting

Officials acknowledged numerous flaws in the response to the particular Uvalde school shooting

Update (1705ET):   Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) said he had been ‘ misled’ about the police response to the school shooting in Udvalde,   and is ‘ livid about what happened. ‘

In taped remarks delivered to the particular National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Houston upon Friday, Abbott also declared that there was no law that will have stopped the player with the dice from procuring a gun before this week’s primary school shooting which still left 19 children and 2 adults dead.

There are thousands of laws on the books across the nation that limit the owning or using of guns, laws that have not ceased madmen from carrying out bad acts on innocent individuals in peaceful communities , ” he said, including that the gunman committed the felony before “ he even pulled the trigger” by carrying a gun on a school campus.

Well, just like laws didn’t stop the particular killer, we will not allow his evil acts end us from uniting the city he tried to destroy , ” he added.

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Revise (1250ET):   In a very emotional and defensive press conference this morning, Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw accepted said the decision of officials to wait to enter the creating was the “ wrong” one particular.

“ In retrospect, through where I am sitting from right now, clearly there were kids in the room. It’s important designed for live saving proposes to immediately get there and provide aid, ” McCraw stated.

“ Of course it was not the right decision, it was the wrong decision. ”

Officials acknowledged numerous flaws in the response to the Uvalde school shooting stating police officers should have gone in rather than waiting, and that hold off cost lives of children.

It was the wrong decision, very wrong.   There’s no excuse for that. … When there’s an active present shooter, the rules change. There is no longer a barricaded subject. You don’t need time, ” he mentioned.

McCraw added that  “ if I believed it would help, I would apologize. ”

As The Epoch Times’ Caden Pearsen detailed earlier, Texas   Department of Open public Safety (DPS) official offers said  officers “ could have been shot” if they engaged the gunman holed up with his victims in a classroom at Robb Elementary School   before  a specialist tactical team arrived.

Authorities on Thursday sketched out a timeline of events from when  18-year-old Salvador Ramos crashed his vehicle to when he entered the Texas school at around 11. 40 a. m. plus slaughtered 19 students and two teachers.

But it wasn’t until almost 1 p. m. that will Ramos had been killed as well as the siege was over, close to 90 minutes later.

Questions have been raised amid mounting public anger and scrutiny about the response of law enforcement as more details emerge about the timeline of events.

Texas DPS spokesman Lt.   Chris Olivarez said the first priority regarding officers in an active present shooter situation is to stop the killing and preserve life.

“ But also one thing that, of course , the American people need to understand, is that officers are making entry into this building. They do not understand where the gunman is, ”   Oliverez told CNN.

“ These are hearing gunshots. They are receiving gunshots. At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could’ve been shot, they could’ve been killed, and at that time, that gunman would have recently had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school. ”

Oliverez said their response meant the shooter has been contained in the classroom and not able to get to “ any other portions of the school  to commit any other killings. ”

While around three officers who had entered the college through the same door since the gunman were taking fire and calling for backup, around four others whom had entered from one more part of the school were evacuating students and teachers,   Oliverez said.

Once the tactical team through U. S. Border Patrol arrived, he said these people used a ballistic protect for cover as they joined the classroom and wiped out the shooter.

Authorities on Thursday night largely ignored questions throughout a contentious briefing about precisely why officers had not been able to prevent the shooter sooner.

Victor Escalon, regional director for the Tx Department of Public Safety, told reporters he had “ taken all those questions directly into consideration” and would provide updates later.

One point Escalon solved based on the information he had at that time was that there were no equipped officers at the school at the time  Ramos entered “ unobstructed. ”

“ No, no, there was not an officer readily available, armed. No, ”   the Texas DPS standard said in response to a reporter’s question on Thursday mid-day.

This contradicted earlier details from authorities

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