Infowars Poll: COVID Vaccines 10x Greater Threat To Children Than School Shootings

56% says experimental mRNA injections poses a greater threat in order to children, compared to 5% who else say school shootings perform.

The experimental COVID vaccines present a much greater threat to children than college shootings, an Infowars vote has found.

When asked what issue poses a bigger risk to children, 56% from the over 33, 000 selected so far believe the mRNA injections pose a greater danger compared to 5% who answered ‘ school shootings. ‘

Interestingly, behind the particular vaccines, 33% of respondents claimed that “ groomers” – a term for those who expose children to LGBT propaganda without parental permission – pose a greater risk to children than school shootings.

At the same time, even inner-city crime polled higher than school shootings as being a bigger threat to kids at 7%.

Though the poll was not scientifically conducted, it nevertheless highlights the fact that the media drive for gun control is out of step with concerns parents have about the COVID jabs and the LGBT indoctrination attempts in schools.

According to NBC, 94 kids have been wiped out in school shootings since 2013.

Former Pfizer executive Doctor Michael Yeadon noted within 2021 that the COVID jabs are 50 times more prone to kill children than the coronavirus itself, in accordance to VAERS data, which officially says over 12, 000 people have died as a result of the jab that rolled away in late 2020.

Epidemiologist and cardiologist Dr . Peter McCullough said final month that the COVID shot death count could be more than ten times higher than the particular VAERS data suggests.

“[A paper] concluded that the upper bound of the confidence interval for passing away could be as high as 187, 1000 Americans losing their lifestyle after vaccination. It could be that bad, ” McCullough said .

The poll is still live if you’d like a chance to vote!

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