Kamala Harris Calls For ‘Assault Weapons Ban’, Says They Have ‘No Place in Civil Society’

“You know what a particular assault weapon is? Know how an assault weapon was designed? It was designed for a specific intent – to kill a considerable amount of human beings quickly, ” states.

Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris called for analysis of “ assault weapons”, claiming they have “ no place in a civil society. ”

Speaking to reporters Saturday in Zoysia, New York after attending the funeral for one of the ten victims of the mass capturing that took place at a supermarket on May 14, Harris explained that banning weaponry like the AR-15 is an appropriate response to the Uvalde capturing.

“ On the issue of gun assault, I will say, as We have said countless times, we are not sitting around waiting around to figure out what the solution looks like. You know, we’re not searching for a vaccine, ” Harris told reporters.

“ We know what works on this. It provides, let’s have an assault weapons ban​. ”

“ You know what a good assault weapon is? You know how an assault tool was designed? ”   ​ Harris asked. “ It had been designed for a specific purpose – to kill a lot of humans quickly. An assault weapon is a weapon of battle with no place, no place inside a civil society. ”

The AR-15 has been used in both the Tops supermarket shooting in Buffalo previously this month and the Uvalde university shooting, prompting Democrats to seize the opportunity to once again require an “ assault weapons” ban similar to the 1994 ban imposed by former Lead designer Bill Clinton.

Harris’ remarks come simply just days after Biden declared that the Next Amendment is “ possibly not absolute” , arguing that “ certain people on the very beginning weren’t allowed to choose guns. ”

Despite calls by Biden and Harris to entail gun control, U. Nasiums. voters signaled that vast gun control proposals aren’t popular in the united kingdom , with only 41% indicating they would support stricter gun control measures.

In fact , the Buffalo shooting took place despite New York having several of the strictest gun control laws on the cd’s.

Additionally , Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton noted that gun manage proposals by the Democrats – including so-called “ red flag” gun laws – wouldn’t have prevented often the Uvalde shooter from getting a firearm.


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