Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Arrested For Misdemeanor DUI

“The Loudspeaker will not be commenting on this personal matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast, ” Pelosi’s spokesperson says.

The bear market has taken its toll on the richest “ husband” in US Congress: as first reported by TMZ, Paul Pelosi – husband of House Loudspeaker Nancy Pelosi – perhaps best known for  putting on massive call option trades  in names such as Google, Micron, Roblox, Disney which are now massively underwater, was arrested at eleven: 44pm on Saturday evening in Napa County and booked hours later straight into jail on two counts – driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0. 08 or more, both of which are misdemeanors.

Since the bail for Paul – who has been been married to Nancy since 1963 – was set at pay out $5, 000, a pittance for the multi-millionaire, he was released at 7: 26, shortly after he was booked at 4: 13am on Sunday morning.

For now details of the incidents are scarce: TMZ said that it is working on getting a full story – as well as a mug chance once it is available.

We do know that will the  Pelosis personal a vineyard in Napa Valley . In 2015, the LA Times reported that the vineyard made the girl the fourth richest person in California.

Way back in 1990, according to property record recourse PropertyShark, The Pelosi’s paid $2, 350, 000 for a sixteen. 55-acre vineyard in St . Helena, CA aka Napa Valley. Nestled just northern of Napa and seated directly across from the Napa River, Pelosi is residing in the lap of high-class.

The sprawling estate came with a several, 314 square foot framework built in 1958, and in 06\, records show that a 2, 400 square foot, 2-story structure was added. Within the original structure, there are considered 6 generously sized rooms that include 2 bedrooms. There are also two fireplaces and a swimming pool in the backyard for entertaining guests.

She actually is known to throw lavish parties at her estate, usually inviting financial supporters and other political figures over for dinner. Neighbors say there’s no lacking her when she is in town – gaggles of dark SUVs and air traffic are everywhere.

In 2005, the Napa Valley Planning commission granted the Pelosi’s a allow to operate a 5, 000-gallon-per-year winery, allowing for weekly wines tastings. However , as Napa County Deputy Planning Director John McDowell said, “ They did enough in order to activate the permit… The ball is in their courtroom to pursue the rest of the construction project. ” They have however to do so.

Those wondering if Nancy was with her husband when he was busted last night, the answer is no although a spokesperson for the Ca Democrat said that she would not have to get commenting on the “ private” matter.

“ The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she has been on the East Coast, ” the spokesperson said.

Nancy did, however , tweet that she providing the Brown University commencement speech on Sunday mid-day, so clearly she had not been with her husband.

According to  Fox News’ Chad Pergram  her speech was just the usual “ The month of january 6 US terrorism” and pro-Ukraine war propaganda:

1) Pelosi giving commencement address with Brown University: As we gather here, war rages in Ukraine, all in amazement of the heroism and resolve of the people of Ukraine as they courageously defend democracy not only

2) Pelosi: Our nation is not any stranger to dark plus anti-democratic forces. On This summer January six, 2021, a good unprecedented insurrection unleashed unimaginable violence on the grounds within the halls of the Capitol. The strike at the heart of our democracy. The peaceful transfer associated with power.

3) Pelosi: And in the weeks since the insurrection, we’ve noticed further assaults on democracy. Shameful campaigns of voter suppression and election nullification. A Supreme Court ready to erase the woman’s directly to decide and threaten much more privacy rights

4) Pelosi: In just the final two weeks, two senseless mass shootings.. This, in addition to countless deadly attacks rooted in racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and white supremacy… hope remains democracy’s most powerful weapon.

5) Pelosi: After i had the great privilege associated with visiting Kiev a month ago, we saw firsthand the hope in the eyes of the Ukrainian people as they defied the odds against a more powerful and brutal cell.

And so on; there was naturally no mention of the girl drunk husband, although we have been confident that    Soros-handpicked  DA Chesa Boudin and his cronies…

… will make sure that any record of last night’s crime is quickly deleted from the public record, because after all, laws are for your little people.

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