Sibel News Pundits Demand Gun Confiscation, Call Republicans ‘Party of Egregious Mass Shootings and Uncontrolled Guns’

“If New Zealand and Australia can do it after their mass shooting, the reason why can’t we? ” requests Judy Miller.

Fox News pundits Arthel Neville and Judy Callier used their supposedly right-wing platform to smear Republicans and demand gun control on Sunday.

Borrowing from the Democrats’ talking points, Miller known Republicans as the “ party of egregious mass shootings and uncontrolled guns” after calling for outright weapon confiscation similar to Australia.

“ If New Zealand and Australia can do it after their bulk shooting, why can’t we? ” Miller asked. “ I think it really depends on the Conservatives now — they must quit being the party of egregious mass shootings plus uncontrolled guns. That has to stop. It’s up to them. And i believe Mitch McConnell’s instructions in order to his fellow Republicans in order to negotiate with the Democrats shows that he understands something’s changing. ”

Australia in mil novecentos e noventa e seis imposed a mandatory gun buyback program called the “ National Firearms Agreement”, forcing gun owners to surrender their semi automatic weapons and pump-action shotguns to the government to be destroyed.

New Zealand imposed a national gun registry and banned all semiautomatic firearms following the Christchurch capturing in 2019, which hasn’t improved general safety in the united states as predicted by the politicians.

Miller lamented that the “ furor as well as the anger that people feel over” the Uvalde mass shooting “ is likely to diminish” when Congress returns from break, which begins next week.

“ The question, Arthel, is how long will the particular furor over this kind of mass shooting last? ” Callier continued. “ Will it be sufficient to finally, finally drive the country, the Senate, the House into some sensible weapon control? ”

At that point, Neville took purpose at semiautomatic rifles, observing that both the Uvalde as well as the Buffalo supermarket shooter utilized an AR-15 to use their heinous crimes.

“ In each incident, the shooter was an 18-year-old male, the murder weapon within each incident a semiautomatic rife, AR-15-style firearms, ” Neville said. “ Are usually we at social alter tipping point? Because that is what it’s going to take for lawmakers to pay attention when the individuals speak and speak fully. ”

These types of leftist talking points represent a significant split from the His party Party and the National Rifle Association, who held the conference Friday attended simply by former President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and other GOP officials.

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