Cina Elected To World Wellness Organisation Executive Board Without Objections

“This is the regime that smashed those in Wuhan like Dr . Li Wenliang who else courageously tried to warn the planet about the coronavirus”

China has been elected to the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board along with zero objections from any kind of democratic countries, despite the voluminous attempts to cover up the Coronavirus outbreak and its following brutal lockdowns .

Hillel Neuer of the watchdog group UN Watch mentioned “ this is the regime that will crushed” warnings from whistleblowers in late 2019 and earlier 2020.

He also noted that “ not a single democracy spoke out to object. ”

Viewer columnist Ross Clark  commented which the WHO is “ stuffed with little countries, many with lousy human rights records, that will not dare to challenge China or which will not need the political clout to do this. ”

Allows remember that the head of the Entire world Health Organization’s origin analysis into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his group on what to write in their report and permitted them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they failed to recommend following it up.

In addition ,   China has refused in order to cooperate with the renewed WHOM probe , declaring that any attempt to look into the laboratory leak theory goes “ against science” and claiming, contrary to  Oughout. S. intelligence   and the WHO’s own results, that workers in the laboratory were hospitalised with COVID in the autumn of 2020.

China’s federal government run Academy of Sciences also elevated to your shortlist the Wuhan bio-lab because of its ‘ Outstanding Science Achievement’ prize designed for work with coronaviruses.

Talk about rubbing it in.

Jamie Metzl, a leading advisor for the Entire world Health Organisation itself has stated that China engaged in a “ massive cover up” of the coronavirus outbreak.

Metzl furthermore pointed out that the World Health Company “ doesn’t have the mandate to have its own surveillance features, ” and was thus easily batted away by China in the early days of the outbreak when it requested to send responders.

The WHO, which facilitated China’s draconian response to COVID by insisting the western world enforce similar lockdowns, is also today urging that gay pride events proceed despite the crystal clear risk of them being monkeypox super-spreader events, given that the virus is transmitted through shut physical contact.

Awarding China a chair on the WHO Executive Panel is like if North Korea was put in charge of the  UN Conference upon Disarmament… oh wait, they will really do that too .

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