Document: More Than 3000 Diabetics In UK DIED Because Of COVID Lockdowns

66 percent embrace mortality rates for those who were not able to get full checks

In another damning analysis of the impact of lockdowns, it has been approximated that more than 3000 individuals with diabetes unnecessarily died simply because they were unable to get check ups.

The particular Telegraph reports that a NHS study discovered a move to remote health care and a reduction in routine care in the first 12 months of the pandemic had “ absolutely devastating” consequences for diabetes sufferers and resulted in them becoming “ pushed to the back of the queue, ” in the words of Chris Askew, the chief executive of Diabetes UK.

The study found that in the course of just under four months, non-Covid deaths among diabetics soared by 11 per cent, leading to 3075 excess deaths, with a particular surge in fatalities from heart disease.

The research also reveals that during 2020/21 only just over the quarter of diabetics could get full check ups at the NHS, down from near to half the previous year.

The study, which has been published in Lancet Diabetes plus Endocrinology, also found a whopping sixty six percent increase in mortality rates for those who were unable to get full checks.

The figures are said to be conservative estimates because the analysis only compared deaths in England for two 15-week periods.

The Telegraph report also notes:

Researchers said some diabetes patients may have kept away from appointments because of the fear of  catching Covid. But they added that disrupted access to routine care and “ repurposing of the healthcare workforce” to pay attention to the pandemic meant those with diabetes took “ the double mortality hit”.

The results add to the currently extensive research outlining how lockdowns, while using little to no effect on the COVID pandemic, experienced devastating health, economic and social consequences.

As we earlier outlined in this overarching write-up , multiple studies have discovered that global lockdowns will probably cause more deaths compared to actual coronavirus pandemic alone.

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