Energy Prices Soar to File High on Memorial Day

Gas prices on Funeral obituary Day  soared  to a record high of  $4. 619 per gallon, up 90 years cents over the weekend, according to AAA. Last year, gas prices had been averaging around $3 for every gallon, and in May of 2020, gas prices  were  around $1. 77 dollars. Despite high gas rates that have been fueled by Director Joe Biden’ s war on energy, AAA estimates  34. 9 […]#@@#@!!

Gas prices on Funeral Day  soared   to a record big of  $4. 619 each and every gallon, up nine dollars over the weekend, according to AAA.

Last year, unwanted gas prices were averaging about $3 per gallon, in addition to May of 2020, intestinal gas prices  were   around $1. 77 cents.

In the face of high gas prices that were fueled by President May well Biden’s war on energy, AAA estimates  34. 9 million citizens  will  travel and leisure   by a gas-powered vehicle this holiday week. An increase of only some. 6 percent from in 2009.

Yet the  New York  Days   on Friday slammed American drivers for over-consuming gasoline. “ Car owners have not done much in order to burn a lot less gasoline, ” the  Times   wrote   in an article entitled, “ Gas Prices Reach New Highs as Summer months Driving Season Starts. ”

While the  Nights   blamed Us citizens for high gas costs, it ignored Biden’s battle with American energy. Breitbart News  reported   how Biden has caused energy prices to increase:

Biden  has waged   war on both common and private financing of petrol drilling while subsidizing green-new-deal-like energy plans. As a result, Usa oil production is  down   right from 2019, the year before the pandemic. Hard numbers suggest 2022 oil production is 16 million barrels per day, as well as eight percent less than in 2019.

Joe biden has made it increasingly more tricky for oil companies to find financing to drill on private lands. He has also halted new drilling on public lands and terminated the Keystone Pipeline project that would have transported large numbers of oil to Usa refineries.

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