Kremlin Responds to Claims Putin is Terminally Ill

Dubious promises have been making the rounds in western media for weeks.

Russia has responded to claims that keep appearing in western media outlets, including those made by ‘ peegate’ dossier author Christopher Steele, that Vladimir Putin is usually dying of a terminal disease.

Lurid assertions about Putin’s wellness appear to be part of a black propaganda campaign to deflate the ‘ masculine’ picture Putin tries to portray, simply because they appear to be backed by simply no actual evidence whatsoever.

Indeed, the a lot vaunted ‘ fact-checkers’ appear to be AWOL on this one.

The claims, which are almost always made by anonymous cleverness officials, include;

– Putin has Parkinson’s disease.

– Putin has dementia.

– Putin has blood malignancy.

– Putin is suffering from “ chemo brain”, a cognitive impairment caused by cancer treatment.

– Putin recently underwent major surgery.

– Putin is taking steroids to cover his symptoms.

– Putin is “ constantly” being followed around simply by doctors.

– Putin is fooling the word by using “ pre-recorded appearances. ”

– Putin is using “ body doubles” plus “ actors” to satisfy his public appearances.

– Putin’s health woes have weakened his grip on power, which is right now tenuous.

– Putin may even be dead currently but that it won’t be admitted for “ months” to prevent a Kremlin coup.

Of course , no one knows the true state associated with Putin’s health because NATO-aligned spies and corporate media outlets will always seek to play up the most dire rumours in an effort to undermine the Ruskies president.

One insight into the veracity associated with such reports is that the claims are being amplified by British spy Christopher Steele, whom infamously authored the suspicious Trump dossier which has been roundly debunked.

The report, which was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to get dirt on Trump, ludicrously claimed that Trump had visited Moscow to have women urinate on your pet.

“ It had been later revealed that Trump did not go to Russia whenever Steele claimed he do, and that Steele’s primary supply for the document was based in the United States, not Russia. That source later personally destroyed the “ pee tape” allegation while speaking to the FBI, ” writes Tom Pappert.

Even the New York Times was forced to acknowledge that Steele’s work has been “ discredited, ” so his claims on Putin’s health should be used with a grain of sodium.

Russia has officially responded to the claims in the form of a statement manufactured by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who stressed that Putin makes daily appearances in public areas.

“ You can see him on TV screens, examine, and listen to his messages. I don’t think that a rational person can suspect any signs of an illness or infection in this man, ” mentioned Lavrov.

“ I’ll leave it to the conscience of those who disseminate such rumors despite everyday opportunities for everyone to see exactly how he and others look like, ” he added.

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