Mega Drag-Thread: Drag Events Focus on Children Ahead of Gay Pride Month

Anybody that’s been paying attention knows the agenda to sexualize children is not only real, but has accelerated as the LGBT cult now openly brags they may coming after children.

While the leftist media portrays LGBT indoctrination and sexualization of children like a right-wing conspiracy theory, on the internet activist “ Libs of Tik Tok” shows the number of drag and gay satisfaction events are directly focusing on children.

In a “ mega drag thread” posted just times ahead of the start of LGBT Pride Month, the embattled social media account highlighted several drag events that have occurred at schools over the past month, or are set to take place next month, all geared towards children.

“ It is said it’s innocent. They say is actually just about inclusion and approval. They say no one is trying to confuse, corrupt, or sexualize kids. They lie, ” the account began its mega-thread Monday.

Look at some of the events being advertised, like “ Pull the Kids to Pride, ” and consider whether the left’s sexualization of children is really simply a right-wing conspiracy.

Of course , anybody that’s been paying attention knows the particular agenda to sexualize kids is not only real, but provides accelerated as the LGBT cult now freely brags they’re coming right after children .

Libs associated with Tik Tok was lately suspended around the social media platform Instagram for supposedly “ violating community guidelines, ” before having their accounts reinstated. The company claimed the account was “ disabled by mistake. ”

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