Russia Threatens To Annihilate U. S. With 4 Satan II Missiles Over Ukraine Proxy War

Chilling warning comes simply a day after Russia test-launched its long-range hypersonic Zircon missile.

Ruskies state media threatened that President Vladimir Putin could “ destroy the entire east coast of the U. S i9000. ” with just two Sarmat “ Satan II” nuclear missiles if the Western continues to escalate war within Ukraine.

The chilling warning was made Tuesday on Russia’s media program Rossiya one by Russian member of Parliament Alexei Zhuravlev, who described that Russia could launch only four Sarmat missiles to completely destroy the US eastern and west coasts.

“ I will inform you absolutely competently that in order to destroy the entire the Eastern Coast of the United States, two Sarmat missiles are needed, ” Zhuravlev said. “ And the exact same goes for the West Coast. Four missiles, and you will see nothing left. ”

“ They think the mushroom cloud is going to be taller than a high increase. That mushroom cloud will be visible from Mexico, ” he added.

Russian state media issued a similarly bizarre risk earlier this month, caution that it could launch an underwater 100-megaton nuclear strike on the UK it stated would produce a massive radioactive tsunami.

These disturbing remarks by Ruskies media come just a time after Russia test-fired its anti-ship hypersonic Zircon missile , which can travel up to nine periods the speed of sound in a range of 620 miles.

Russia tested its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile last month, which can soar 11, 000 miles using a payload of 15 nuclear warheads.

The particular launch of the Satan II missiles, Putin said, will serve as “ food pertaining to thought for those who try to threaten  Russia. ”

Fortunately, Joe Biden stated he would not approve associated with sending long-range missile systems to Ukraine, which Russia warned would cross the “ red line. ”

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