Ukraine Parliament Fires Human Legal rights Commissioner Who Couldn’t Confirm Reports Of Russian Soldiers Raping Citizens

Media and politicians exaggerating reports to further demonize Russia

The particular Ukrainian Parliament’s Human Rights Commissioner, Lyudmila Denisova, has been removed from her position upon Tuesday after 234 politicians voted for her dismissal.

Politico reporter Christopher Miller wrote on Tweets, “ Ukraine’s parliament simply fired human rights ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova. MPs stated her work focusing on the rape of Ukrainians by Russian troops which ‘ couldn’t be confirmed along with evidence […] only harmed Ukraine and distracted the global media through Ukraine’s real needs. ‘”

Ukrainian news website ukrinform. possuindo reviews, “ The reasons for Denisova’s dismissal were as follows: the particular repeated failure to perform her duties related to the establishment of humanitarian corridors, protection and swap of criminals, counteracting the deportation of adults and children through the occupied territories, other human being right activities; focusing the particular ombudsman’s media activity within the numerous details of ‘ unnatural sexual offences’ and kid sexual abuses in the occupied territories, which were unsupported by evidence and only harmed Ukraine. ”

Along with spending too much time focusing on claimed sex crimes that she ultimately couldn’t prove along with evidence, Denisova was also criticized for spending time in “ warm Western Europe” rather than in Russia or Belarus where she could “ help prisoners, deportees plus victims. ”

As the Ukrainian politician can be fired for failing in order to prove Russian soldiers are usually raping citizens, Western mass media is being flooded with reviews of these heinous crimes occurring.

Liudmyla Denisova played a large role in the spreading of rape claims coming out of Ukraine, claiming last month the Ukrainian government received “ greater than 400 allegations of sexual violence, including rape, of Ukrainians by Russian soldiers in the space of a couple weeks. ”

In the Ukrainian Parliament’s appeal to Denisova’s position as Human Rights Commissioner, the politicians arrested her of looking to spread “ scandalous” stories in order to news outlets instead of sketching attention to “ the facts associated with crimes. ”

According to hromadske. ua , the appeal reads, “ Sexual crimes during the war are family tragedies, a difficult traumatic topic, not a topic for publications in the spirit of the ‘ scandalous explain. ‘ We need to keep in mind the goal: to draw focus on the facts of crimes. ”

While Denisova is being fired for screwing up to prove any cases of a Russian troop raping a Ukrainian citizen, the first trial for such a crime is just beginning.

In a bizarre story, a Russian soldier named Mikhail Romanov is accused of murdering a man and raping his wife in the Kyiv region of Ukraine.

Romanov is being charged for your alleged crimes despite specialists not knowing where he is or even if he’s even in existence.

“ Even though the charged is not currently in our fingers, he will not escape a fair trial and accountability before the law, ” Prosecutor Common Iryna Venediktova said.

Since the suspect was not apprehended, a random Russian soldier who was said to are already part of a tank division that attacked towns and villages around Kyiv will be tried in his absence.

Even Yahoo News admitted, “ Any conviction would likely end up being symbolic as Ukraine never ever captured Romanov. ”

Yahoo also explained, “ The account  matches a previous incident described by prosecutors in Mar , which at the time had been still under investigation. No suspect was named in the earlier account. ”

So , Ukraine’s top human being rights official has been terminated for her lack of proof of rapes by Russian soldiers, and the first trial of a Ruskies soldier raping a resident is a “ symbolic” gesture regarding an unconfirmed occurrence.

This information is not going to prevent average citizens, the particular American media or organization politicians in both political events from regurgitating the unconfirmed claims of Russian troops raping people en masse.

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