Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief For Perpetuating Ruskies Troop ‘Systematic Rape’ Tales

For over the past two months, a good avalanche of stories have got hit Western mainstream press which purported to document instances of mass rape carried out by Russian troops against Ukrainian civilians. One particular story in  Time  took off, driving outrage and condemnation by Western officials and receiving do it again coverage on CNN and other major US networks. This alleged  “ a […]#@@#@!!

For over the past 8 weeks, an avalanche of tales have hit Western mainstream press which purported to document instances of mass rape carried out by Russian troops against Ukrainian civilians. A particular story in  Time   took off, driving outrage and condemnation by Western officials and receiving repeat coverage on CNN and other major ALL OF US networks.

It alleged  “ a systemic, coordinated advertising campaign of sexual violence”   – relying primarily on testimony gathered simply by Ukraine’s appointed top human being rights representative. It included a particularly shocking story of 25 teenage girls getting gang-raped by Russian troops – nine of which grew to become pregnant. According to  the report :

Ukraine’s human rights ombudsman,   Lyudmyla Denisova   said that  25 teenage girls were kept in a basement in Bucha and gang-raped; 9 of them are now pregnant .   Aged women   spoke  on camera   about being raped by Russian soldiers . The bodies of children had been found naked with their hands tied behind their shells, their  genitals mutilated . Those victims included both girls and boys…

As continues to be the pattern in earlier wars, whether in  Syria   or  Libya , the particular media claims got a growing number of sensational and over-the-top since the conflict intensified, and as Western powers became more deeply involved, yet with no concrete or definitive proof.

But one consistent details in the majority of the stories is that the aforementioned Ukraine human rights ombudsman,   Lyudmyla Denisova , is usually often  the main figure feeding Western correspondents the shocking rape stories .

For instance , she’s featured in this April  Newsweek   piece :  

Lyudmila Denisova, the Ukrainian Parliament’s Commissioner for Individual Rights, alleged on Fri that Russian soldiers have raped children during the continuing invasion of Ukraine.

Within a  Facebook   post, Denisova  alleged that an 11-year-old son was raped by Russians in front of his mother who had been tied to a chair and forced to watch  because it happened in the Ukrainian associated with Bucha.

Many such tales which presented ever-more terrible details as the war progressed quickly went viral, particularly among pro-Ukraine activists upon Twitter and other social media, to the point where prominent pundits would begin casually agreeing amongst themself that Russians basically are “ animals”.

And below is another example among many, which usually tended to be based on  “ reports say”   for many of the most main, damning claims…

Yet recently, within the last couple of weeks, since investigators began to dig much deeper into the allegations, it seems the media stories started to dry up. The geopolitical analysis blog  Moon of Alabama   details exactly what happened  in the subsequent :

However , a bunch of eager NGOs in Ukraine, hoping for refreshing ‘ western’ money for brand spanking new ‘ rape consultation and recovery’ projects,   tried to find real rape cases . They were dissatisfied when they found that there was  no evidence that any rape had taken place  

(machine translation): On May 25, a number of mass media outlets and NGOs released an open appeal to Lyudmila Denisova calling for improved conversation on sexual crimes throughout the war.

The signatories persist that Denisova  need to disclose only information about which there is sufficient evidence , avoid sensationalism and extreme detail in their reports, use correct terminology and care for the confidentiality and safety of victims.

“ Sexual crimes during the war are family tragedies, a difficult distressing topic, not a topic regarding publications in the spirit of the ‘ scandalous chronicle. ‘ We need to keep in mind the objective: to draw attention to the reality of crimes, ” the appeal reads.

An entire global activist movement even jumped up which focused on highlighting Russian sexual crimes within Ukraine, based on the premise that Russia’s military is using “ rape as a tool” included in its arsenal to spread a campaign of terror…

And today on Tuesday,   Interfax ,   Politico ,   The Wall Street Journal , yet others are reporting that  Lyudmyla Denisova  has been terminated   –   precisely for   floating and perpetuating fantastical claims of mass rape but with no providing evidence

“ Ukrainian lawmakers dismissed the country’s ombudsman regarding human rights, Lyudmyla Denisova, in a no-confidence vote upon Tuesday, concluding that the girl had failed to fulfill commitments including the facilitation of humanitarian education corridors and countering the particular deportation of Ukrainians from occupied territory, ”   The Wall Street Journal   reported late in the day.

“ Lawmaker Pavlo Frolov said Ms. Denisova was also accused of making  insensitive and unverifiable statements about alleged Ruskies sex crimes   and spending too much time within Western Europe during the intrusion, ” the report additional.

Frolov said in a Facebook post launching her dismissal as the country’s  top human legal rights investigator :  

The unclear concentrate of the Ombudsman’s media work on the numerous details of ‘ sex crimes committed in an unnatural way’ and ‘ rape of children’  within the occupied territories that  could not be confirmed by evidence , only injured Ukraine. ”

Needless to say this is an unquestionably devastating blow to Ukraine’s ‘ information war’ which has been in full force since the Ruskies invasion (as naturally within war each side will enter into propaganda campaigns contrary to the other simultaneous to the real ground war, and while trying to sway world opinion).

Angry pushback offers started already within hours after the news of Denisova’s removal was confirmed, which includes from UN accounts and US media pundits…

That Ukraine’s parliament had taken the drastic step associated with dismissing her in such a open public manner also speaks quantities –   highly suggesting that Ukrainian authorities themselves don’t believe the bulk of the ‘ systematic rape’ promises .

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