White House Press Secretary: Biden Says “Problem Is Guns, ” Doesn’t Believe In Stiffing Schools

Biden admin’s refusal to support hardening schools provides GOP have called to ramp up security at schools in wake of Uvalde elementary massacre.

President Later on Biden isn’t interested in “ hardening” schools to undo their soft target position in the wake of the Uvalde elementary mass shooting, yet would rather continue attacking the Second Amendment, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mentioned Tuesday.

“ The president mentioned yesterday that he believes Sen. McConnell is a rational His party. Sen. McConnell said these days that the group of lawmakers which are talking about guns in the wake of Uvalde are speaking about the problem which is, quote, ‘ mental illness and school safety, ‘” Jean-Pierre had been asked during a White Home press briefing by CNN correspondent Kaitlin Collins. “ Does the president agree that that’s the problem here? ”

Jean-Pierre responded that Republicans shouldn’t want to come together with Democrats to work on a bill limiting Americans’ gun rights.

“ When the president said that, he feels that there are some rational Conservatives in the Senate who can get together and work on a bipartisan bill, and Mitch McConnell is one of those folks. He does not believe, and we now have talked about this, he’s discussed this, we are the only country that is dealing with gun assault at the rate that we are going to dealing. Other countries have mental health issues, so can be the problem here? ”

Pierre then told reporters, “ The issue is with guns, and not getting legislation to really deal with an issue that is a pandemic here in this particular country, so that is not their focus obviously. ”

“ And when it comes to schools, ” she continuing, “ I know there’s been discussion about hardening schools, that is not something that [Joe Biden] believes in. ”

“ He believes that we should be able to give teachers the resources in order to do the job that they’re meant to do at schools. ”

The Biden admin’s refusal to support the solidifying of schools comes as Conservatives have called to ramp up security at schools in the wake of the Uvalde elementary school shooting, with Leader Donald Trump promoting the concept during a recent NRA presentation.

“ What we should need now is a top-to-bottom security overhaul at universities all across our country, ” Trump informed NRA users in Houston Friday.  

Likewise, Senator Ted Cruz (R) at the same convention pushed for similar policies that would strengthen college security.

“ Had Uvalde gotten a grant to upgrade the college security, they might have made adjustments that could have stopped the particular shooter and killed him at the single point associated with entrance with our law enforcement right now there on the ground before he harm any of these innocent kids plus teachers, ” Cruz said.  

Previously at the same press briefing, Jean-Pierre bizarrely introduced KPOP child band BTS, which was at the White House to discuss Hard anodized cookware hate crimes and discrimination and inclusion.

Watch the full presser below:

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