Canadian Bank Apologizes to Freedom Convoy Protest Participant For Freezing His Account

“Please accept the sincere apologies. “

A Canadian bank has apologized to a man which participated in the Freedom Convoy protest for freezing his account at the behest of Justin Trudeau’s government.

Earlier this year, in order to stop what the Trudeau program referred to as “ illegal blockades, ” the government froze bank details belonging to demonstrators and others who also merely donated money for them.

The protests began as a defiant rebuke to the Trudeau regime’s efforts to impose vaccine mandates and ended with his authorities demonizing participants as violent extremists and using riot law enforcement to disperse crowds.

At the height of the unrest, Canadian authorities also refused in order to rule out utilizing the military against the protesters.

Months later, “ Scotiabank apologized to Benjamin Dichter for freezing his account because he was believed to be an organizer of the protests, ” reports Reclaim the Net .

The letter the bank sent to Dichter states, “ Please accept our genuine apologies for the frustration plus inconvenience this situation may have triggered. ”

“ We can confirm that financial institutions served quickly to unfreeze accounts after the RCMP notified all of us that it believes that individuals plus entities previously identified are no longer engaged in conduct or activities prohibited under the Emergency Actions Regulations. ”


Dichter said he didn’t believe banks went out of their method to target customers, but had been under intense pressure through the government.

“ I believe It came from somewhere else. They didn’t do it independently accord, ” he mentioned.

“ My interpretation of their response is definitely, ‘ we do not want to do this, ‘” he additional. “ As soon as they permitted us to give you access to your account, we did so instantly. It wasn’t our option. ”

Even as we previously highlighted , one of the victims of the government order was a struggling single mother who acquired her bank account frozen to get donating $50 dollars to the protest cause.

“ Briane is a one mom from Chilliwack your minimum wage job, ” MP Mark Strahl messaged, adding “ She provided $50 to the convoy when it was 100% legal. She hasn’t participated in any various other way. Her bank account has been frozen. ”

During the controversy, Canada’s Justice Minister David Lametti said Trump supporters in the us who donated money to the Canadian Freedom Convoy must also “ be worried” regarding having their bank accounts frozen.

Despite wide-spread condemnation, Trudeau’s government moved to make the asset freezing section of its Emergencies Act a permanent fixture.

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