Movie: Rand Paul’s Democrat Opponent Dons A NOOSE In order to Suggest Senator Supports LYNCHING

Identifies Paul as “the individual who singlehandedly blocked an antilynching act from being federal law” despite the fact Paul co-sponsored the anti-lynching bill that grew to become federal law

Senator Rand Paul’s Democratic opponent in Kentucky has put out a video in which he is seen wearing a noose around his neck, plus suggesting that Paul facilitates lynching black people.

Charles Booker  appears in the video, which usually implies that Paul held up legislation in 2020 that would have made lynching a federal hate crime in America because he actually facilitates it.

Booker voices over the footage, stating “ The pain of our past persists to this day, ” adding that “ In Kentucky, like many states through the entire South, lynching was a device of terror. It was used to kill hopes for freedom. ”

“ It was used to kill my forefathers, ” Booker continues, when he appears under a tree  using a noose around his throat.


“ Now, within a historic victory for our earth, I have become the first Black Kentuckian to receive the Democratic nomination for U. S i9000. Senate, ” Booker proceeds, before turning directly to Seite Paul and describing your pet as “ The very individual who compared expanded health care to slavery. ”

“ The person who said he’d have opposed the Civil Rights Act. The person who singlehandedly blocked an antilynching take action from being  federal legislation, ” Booker further contends.

The video after that contains the sound of a tightened rope creaking as Booker says “ The choice could not be clearer… Do we move forward together? Or do we let politicians such as Rand Paul forever keep us back and drive all of us apart?

Because noted by The Courier Journal , Booker “ does not mention that Paul went on  to co-sponsor a new (and bipartisan) version of that [anti-lynching] legislation. The Senate  unanimously voted   this  March to the updated  Emmett Until Antilynching Act,   which  is now law . ”

Paul has also repeatedly said that this individual supports the Civil Rights Act. The notion that he doesn’t comes from a comment he made in 2010 when he or she said he disliked the thought of government enforcing mandates upon private businesses.

The healthcare/slavery comment had been made by Paul in relation to their opposition to the expansion of Obamacare, which mandated insurance through select government accepted companies.

John said, during a Senate hearing in 2011, “ With regard to the concept whether or not you have a right to medical care, you have to realize what that will implies. I am a physician. You do have a right to come to my house plus conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. ”

Booker’s insinuations are clear. He is attempting to disingenuously paint up his challenger, Rand Paul, as an intense racist.

Democrats in 2022 declaring that their political competitors are racist on each issue is just par for your course now.

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