Kuwait Summons US Diplomat More than Gay Pride Month Twitter update

Concerned about “tweets assisting homosexuality. “

Kuwait’s government announced it has summoned a senior US diplomat over worries about the US Embassy within Kuwait tweeting its support for gay pride 30 days.

Properly, this is awkward.

To mark the beginning of LGBTQ+ pride month, where a motion endorsed by every single organization organ in western society marches to celebrate and protect its ‘ rights’, the US Embassy in Kuwait didn’t hesitate to signal its virtue.

The tweet asserted that Joe Biden is a “ champion for the human rights” of LGBTQ+ people plus “ all human beings needs to be treated with respect and pride and should be able to live with no fear no matter who they are or whom they love. ”

This apparently angered authorities in Kuwait by itself, where gay sex in between men is punishable by up to seven years within prison.

“ Kuwait’s foreign ministry mentioned in a statement saying it had summoned Jim Holtsnider, Acting chargé d’affairs of the U. S. Embassy, regarding “ the embassy’s publication on its social media accounts of references and twitter posts supporting homosexuality” and reminded him of “ the particular obligation not to publish this kind of tweets” and “ regard the laws and regulations in force” in the state, ” reports Axios .

Other Twitter users once again noted the irony of transnational corporations throwing their full support behind gay pride month, except in Middle Eastern countries, where Twitter biography pics were not changed to the particular rainbow flag.

Meanwhile, there are no plans simply by gay rights activists in order to march on the Kuwaiti embassy in America, or indeed upon any other embassy that represents a country where homosexuality is illegal and in some cases punishable by death.

No, they’re seemingly as well busy being half naked and twerking in front of your kids on the street.

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