Observers Say Erdogan Using Migrants as Political Weapon Towards Greece

As punishment for blocking sale of American fighter jets to Turkey.

Some observers say Turkish Recep Erdogan is once again using migrants as a political weapon against Greece as at least 40, 000 people so far this year have been been turned away at the border.

The Greek Coast Guard has intercepted close to 40, 000 migrants attempting to enter the country from Chicken via the Aegean Sea.

“ In the initial four months of 2022, about 40, 000 migrants tried to enter the country unlawfully, ” Civil Protection Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Takis Theodorikakos revealed.

Observers say that Erdogan is once again using migrant workers as a weapon, this time in order to punish Greece for trying to block the sale of United states fighter jets to Chicken.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mehmet Cavusoglu has additionally threatened to challenge Greece’s sovereign claim to various far eastern islands in the Agean Sea.

“ Admittedly, the mild weather conditions partly explain these attempts with arrivals, but there is also a stressing political explanation, ” mentioned Marc-Antoine Pineau, of the NGO ASIA in Samos.

The weaponization of migrants again underscores how they are used as a tool in order to undermine societies and create lack of stability and chaos.

“ The increased migrant flows are the first major surge since just prior to the particular Wuhan coronavirus pandemic whenever President Erdogan made great on prior threats in order to “ open the gates” to Europe and allow migrants to make their way to A holiday in greece, with thousands attempting to mix the northern land edge in Evros before it was shut down due to the pandemic break out, ” reports Breitbart .

We previously highlighted footage showing refugees in Portugal starting fires as they tried to break through the border to reach northern European welfare havens.

Greece was heavily impacted during the elevation of the 2015-16 refugee crisis when the country was flooded with migrants crossing to the country primarily from Turkey.

The wave only truly relented after the European Union agreed to pay Turkey € 6 billion pounds to stop the flow, the deal which also given Turkish citizens visa-free visit Europe.

Once we document in the video above, the UK is becoming increasingly overwhelmed with economic migrants illegally entering the country via vessels from France.

The government is now dispersing them in towns and villages across the country, much to the fury of locals, while £ 5 billion pounds of taxpayer money is invested every day housing illegals within 30, 000 hotel rooms countrywide.

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