Telegram Messenger Sends Data in order to German Law Enforcement Despite Question It – Report

Messenger application blocked 64 channels whose content German government regarded “extremist”

Representatives of Telegram provided the German Federal Legal Police Office (BKA) with access to users’ personal data in a number of cases related to child abuse and terrorism, Spiegel reported on Friday.

According to the German born newspaper, the data belong to thought terrorists and child abusers. However , it is still difficult for German investigators to get information from representatives of Telegram in cases involving additional criminal offences.

In Germany,   Telegram  has become particularly popular among the particular so-called Querdenker (Lateral thinker) movement that opposes coronavirus restrictions and compulsory vaccination.

In Feb, at the request of the German born authorities, the messenger blocked 64 channels whose content material the government considered “ extremist. ” This was preceded simply by threats from the interior ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Nancy Faeser, to obstruct the Telegram messenger throughout Germany.

If we are usually unwilling to come together and lawfully police our elected leaders then we no longer deserve freedom.

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