This is actually the Way: Ohio Governor To Sign Bill Allowing Armed School Staff

GOP politicians making moves following tragic Tx shooting

Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced Wednesday he’ll shortly sign a bill approved by GOP lawmakers allowing school teachers in the state to be armed in order to protect students through threats.

The legislation, House Bill 99 , will give school boards the choice to select individuals to take a 24-hour training course certifying them to carry a firearm on campus.

Institutions will have the choice to explicit opt-in to the program.

With the bill comes the particular creation of the Ohio School Safety and Crisis Center within the Department of General public Safety which will be run from the Ohio Mobile Training Team.

The new school safety center will be accountable for creating the training curriculum for people seeking to be armed upon campus.

An amendment to the sub bill added  a stipulation that people allowed to carry firearms upon campus be subjected to a yearly criminal background check.

Governor DeWine upon Wednesday said , “ The bill will protect children by ensuring training is specific to colleges and including significant scenario-based training. ”

The governor also announced $100 million in school protection upgrades and $5 mil for security upgrades with Ohio colleges.

Of course , Democrats are mad over the legislation.

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