Video clip: Dem Rep. Yells “Spare Me The Bullshit Regarding Constitutional Rights” During Weapon Debate

This tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic attitude to the Second Modification

Democratic congressman David Cicilline told Home Republicans they should “ spare me the bullshit about Constitutional rights, ” throughout a debate on gun manage Thursday.

The Rhode Island consultant refused to yield his time during the outburst, whilst discussing legislation related to “ red flag” laws, that would allow the government and law enforcement to confiscate firearms through anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz attempted to insert an amendment to the laws stating “ Congress disfavors the enactment of laws that authorize a courtroom to issue an extreme risk protection order, also known as Red Flag laws, in the States because this kind of laws trample on an individual’s due process and Second Amendment rights. ”

That prompted Cicilline to call the defense of Americans’ constitutional rights “ bullshit”.

Cicilline proclaimed that those who are an “ imminent danger to themselves and others, such as they might commit mass murder, possess a constitutional right to access the firearm. And to deny all of them that right would, quote, ‘ trample on an individual’s due process and second amendment rights. ‘”

“ You know whom didn’t have due process? ” Cicilline continued. “ You know who didn’t have their constitutional right to life respectable? The kids at Parkland, plus Sandy Hook, and Uvalde and Buffalo, and the list goes on and on. ”

When Gaetz attempted to respond, Cicilline said “ No I will not produce and I’m not going to produce for my entire a few minutes, so don’t ask once again. ”


This tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic attitude to the Second Amendment and the Constitution generally.

The comments came on the same day Joe Biden announced a good intention to bring about sweeping gun control measures, which includes a ban on “ assault weapons” and “ higher capacity” magazines, as well as red flag laws, new laws upon background checks and storage, and also a vow to “ repeal the immunity of weapon manufacturers from liability. ”

Biden claimed during his speech which he wasn’t taking away anyone’s rights.

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