Maher: We’re ‘Losing Civilization’ Because of Woke Policies on Homelessness & Drugs

Progressives fuel “toxic positivity, everything is positive” outlook, but “having shit in the park, human waste when you’re trying to possess a little baseball game with your kids or something, is simply worse, ” he says.

HBO late night host Bill Maher blasted the far-left unit of the Democrat Party, claiming their “ everything is certainly positive” mentality when it comes to homelessness and rampant drug use is contributing to the problem of civilization in main cities.

“[P]art of the problem with losing civilization is certainly when you fail to make judgments about how some things are better than others. We have observed this over and over again, ” Maher said on his show “ Real Time” Friday.

“ There is nothing better than anything else, keeping women in burqas is just a various way to go. And it’s just not the new way to go. And having shit in the park, human waste when you’re trying to have a little baseball game with your children or something, is just even worse. ”

Maher referred to a New York City poster encouraging drug customers to embrace their addiction rather than fight it as a prime example of the left’s lunacy.

“ This is part of the problem of losing civilization. Shame can be part of life, ” Maher noted. “ We’ve — we do this — everything — toxic positivity, almost everything is positive. Everything is just not positive. You should be ashamed that you are currently using, that might get you to quit. ”

“ This is what I’m always stating to the left side of the country when what you’re doing sounds like an  Onion   headline, cease, ” he added.

Maher’s remarks come as violent crime surges in main U. S. cities as a result of lax plans toward homelessness and medication use and far-left district attorneys refusing to prosecute violent criminals as a issue of policy.

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