Mom Who Rescued Her Kids During Uvalde School Capturing Speaks Out: ‘Not One Officer Inside The School’

Angeli Gomez claims she seemed to be warned by law enforcement that will she would be obstructing proper rights if she spoke away against lack of police action.

The mother who bravely rescued her own children during the Uvalde mass shooting finally spoke out about the lack of law enforcement response to the deadly college massacre.

Angeli Gomez, a mom of two children from Robb Elementary School, described on Thursday how she was handcuffed by U. S. Marshalls for trying to rush the school.

“ Right away, as soon as I parked my car, US Marshals started coming in the direction of my car saying I actually wasn’t allowed to be parked there, ” Gomez informed CBS News. “ He said, ‘ We’re going to have to arrest you because if you’re being very uncooperative, ‘ and I said, ‘ Properly, you’re going to have to arrest myself because I’m going in there, and I’m telling you right now — I don’t see nothing of y’all in there. ‘”

“ I told one of the officers, ‘ I shouldn’t need you to protect me. Move away from me. I don’t need your protection. If anything at all, I need you to go in with me to go protect my kids, ‘” she said.

Gomez said the police had been too busy corralling the fogeys outside the school to make use of actually neutralizing the shooter and protecting the children.

“ Nothing was being done, ” Gomez said. “ If anything, [law enforcement] were becoming more aggressive on all of us parents that were willing to go ahead there. ”

Gomez explained that while within the school, she didn’t see “ one officer” in the building while “ gunshots were still active. ”

“ They were not in there. There was nobody in there, ” she mentioned.

“ They might have saved many more life. They could have gone to the classroom and maybe two or three might have been gone but they might have saved the whole, more, the entire class, ” she ongoing. “ They could have done something, gone through the window, sniped him through the window. Something, but nothing was being done. ”

Additionally , Gomez was told by “ someone in law enforcement” that if “ she kept talking to the media and sharing her story she might face some kind of violation for obstruction of justice, ” CBS News reported.

Gomez’s remarks come as the Uvalde Law enforcement Department is reportedly no longer cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s analysis into the shooting in the wake a DPS spokesman declaring the police’s 75-minute delayed response was  “ the wrong decision. ”

Watch Gomez’s full interview:

Uvalde Police Chief Refuses To Cooperate With Investigation

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