Pope Blesses Dead Cardinal Who seem to Hired Gay Hookers While Dismissing Sexual Abuse

Late Cdl. Angelo Sodano was finally outed right after his death by a credible source as an active homosexual who rented gay prostitutes for orgies.

The late Angelo Sodano, one of the most influential Vatican numbers and power brokers from the last few decades, who have served under three popes, was finally outed right after his death by a reputable source as an active homosexual who rented gay prostitutes for orgies.

Yes, the shocking news came only one day time after the death of the powerful Cardinal Angelo Sodano, a controversial Vatican figure to get more than a quarter of a one hundred year, who was once accused associated with covering up the pedophile routines of Marcial Maciel, creator of the Legion of Christ, considered one of the Catholic Church’s most notorious sex abusers.

Last Sunday, French investigative journalist  Fré dé ric Martel   disclosed Sodano’s identity as the pseudonymous primary nicknamed  La Mongolfiera   (in Italian “ hot air balloon” ) in his explosive book released in 2019   In the Closet from the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy .  

Martel  messaged : “ I can disclose now that the person called ‘ La Mongolfiera ‘   in my guide # Sodoma   (the Italian title of the book) was #AngeloSodano. My rule was not to reveal the homosexuality of the living priest or primary. Now that he is dead, the facts can be written. ”

After Sodano’s death, False Prophet and pedophile protector Pope Francis paid a excellent tribute  to Cdl. Angelo Sodano,   describing   him being an “ ecclesially disciplined man, a lovely shepherd, animated from the desire to spread the candida of the gospel everywhere. ”   In a telegram associated with condolence to Sodano’s sibling, Francis praised the primary as an “ esteemed man of the church, who generously lived his priesthood very first in the diocese of Asti and then, for the rest of his longevity, in service of the Holy See. ”

The particular Catholic Church’s grim history of ignoring priestly pedophilia unfortunately continues, but this time we also have a public endorsement from the Jesuit Pope of a clearly discredited figure which should make us realize, once more, that the Catholic Church has ceased to be the Church of Christ, but of Satan.

The role associated with Pope Francis in support of the particular pedophile rings worldwide has become more evident than ever, but still, heads of State plus ordinary people fall for his theatrics and false promises.  

In my most recent book I explained how the Vatican is also the main organization behind The Great Reset, with the second Catholic president in U. S. history literally destroying the economy from the country one day at a time, as well as the important role that Catholic  NGOs   have in fueling the drastic increase in  illegal immigration   across our southern border, we should all worry about the danger to the society by today’s Catholic Church controlled by the Culture of Jesus, and their particular loyal Freemasons and Masons and illuminati agents.

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Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to   Infowars   and the writer of the groundbreaking book   Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6. 66 The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

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