Recent Events Only Reinforce The Need For Gun Rights & Community Militias

Anti-gun passions WILL try to disarm the American people before 2030, simply because they must. They cannot achieve the implementation of the Excellent Reset or the New World Order without first taking away the ability to fight back.

I want to stress a very important point first and foremost, because I don’t think the particular political left and the average gun-grabber understands the the law of gravity of the situation and they have to be educated:

Liberty advocates will NEVER give up their guns.

It’s not going to happen.

We have attracted a line in the sand when it comes to the 2 nd   Amendment and we are not going to move, not even a good inch. It does not matter what laws or executive orders Later on Biden promotes, and it is not important if there are future felony events involving firearms. There is no scenario in which we are going to hand over our ability to defend ourselves and rely on the government on your own. All the indignant wailing plus preaching from anti-gun leftists is for naught; they will get nothing.

Gun rights are integral to some free society because they behave as a deterrent to possible government over-reach and authoritarianism. Tyrants might infiate national politics and take over governments, and they also might even THINK they have the opportunity to oppress the public, but they can never be quite sure they could get away with it as long as the public has the means to “ touch base and touch them” from a distance. They will always have doubts and this is vital for freedom – When tyrants have doubts, liberty prevails.

I covered the void of incoming gun bans in the latest issue of my newsletter,   The Wild Bunch Dispatch , but I wanted to examine here the wider implications of disarmament; including what the outcomes will be if we were to conform, and what the establishment need to fear when most of us can not.

I have said for many years now that I am certain that anti-gun interests WILL try to disarm the American individuals before 2030, simply because they should. They cannot achieve the implementation of the “ Great Reset” or the “ New World Order” (their terminology from their personal mouths) without first depriving them of our ability to fight back. They know that if they do not deactivate Americans they will eventually fall short. It’s really that easy to understand; if we keep our guns we will win. If we let the guns be taken, we will eliminate.

One thing must be made abundantly clear on this debate: Gun crimes are usually irrelevant to gun legal rights. They do not matter in terms of the cosmetic, nor should they matter. The rights supersede the potential for misuse by bad people, and they also supersede the whims of government.

The particular political left seems to believe that gun crime is all that matters. They obsess over every single tragedy not simply because they actually care about the sufferers or the families involved, yet because they assume that each gun crime is a kind of foreign currency that they can use to pay for the particular eventual purchase of the two nd   Amendment. They think they could buy the option to erase our own gun rights using the life of shooting victims being a trade.

I apologize I have to inform them, but that’s not how it works. That’s not how it will EVER work. And when they think they can pressure the issue, then there are a lot of us in the liberty movement that will teach them a painful lesson in humility. There will come a day when they’ll want they had been more reasonable but not turned to authoritarianism.

In the meantime, they will try each trick in the book to con the public into thinking that pregressive measures or executive orders are needed as a means to save lives. They won’t save lives, the can only lead to the disarmament of the population, making it simpler to subjugate us and eliminate resistance. The key to knowing gun control laws is to accept the reality that gun grabbers have NO INTENTION of staying satisfied with “ common sense” gun control; they will only be satisfied with gun confiscation. For this reason no quarter can be given to them. No compromises. No diplomacy. Nothing.

It’s important to clarify where gun rights advocates are coming from, because leftists don’t get it. They are perfectly willing to give up their freedoms in exchange intended for false security. Let me place it this way:

History shows us that disarmament of any population or subset of a population is eventually followed by the oppression and often genocide of that same population. Statistically, disarmament provides led to some of the worst bulk murders in the history of humanity. We risk losing much more lives by giving up our guns than we danger by keeping our guns.

By expansion, a common argument among weapon grabbers is that other western nations have extensive weapon restrictions and they don’t have tyranny. I beg to vary. As we recently witnessed with all the covid mandates and the tried vaccine passports, many government authorities from the EU to Quotes and New Zealand got the mask off (pun intended) and showed their own true totalitarian colors to the level that they even  produced covid camps   where people were locked upward without due process.

I would argue that acquired it not been for your growing opposition among conservatives in the US and in parts of Canada, the covid mandate agenda would still be active these days and most of our freedoms will be erased. The opposition in the US is the reason why medical tyranny had been scrapped through most of the entire world. For if we can be free of charge despite the existence of covid, then so can everyone else.

And how had been conservatives able to defeat the mandates? Ultimately, it’s because we have guns.

But what about the deaths of children in Uvalde and somewhere else? Don’t they matter? Obviously they do, and every pro-gun person out there agrees. What we shouldn’t agree on is the idea that authorities should have a monopoly upon security and on force. When government has a monopoly upon force, millions of people die instead of dozens.

The truth is, the events in Uvalde prove once again that defenders of the 2 nd   Amendment are usually right. Reports from the scene of the shooting  right now indicate  that law enforcement actually failed to stop the particular shooter (Salvador Ramos) through entering Robb Elementary College and they were ordered to remain outside and do nothing because the shooter moved freely for more than an hour. Ramos was lastly stopped by a single Edge Patrol agent who proceeded to go in on his own.

Adding insult to injury, police used force to avoid parents and community associates from going in and performing they refused to do. I would like to point out that the fact that the police were “ ordered” to stay out and keep people out is no excuse – A few orders should be ignored and when you don’t ignore them then you are partly responsible for the outcomes.

I suggest that will two simple solutions could have saved lives in Uvalde without erasing our constitutional legal rights.

First, in the event that public schools removed their particular “ gun free zone” status and allowed teachers to conceal carry, after that Ramos likely would have been dead before harming a single child. Or, he would possess at least faced opposition plus been cornered.

Second, if community militias still existed in the US as the Constitution demands, then mother and father could have organized a much quicker response and walked right over any police that will refused to go in and do what needed to be done. Mother and father are allowed to risk their lifestyles for their children, and anyone who says otherwise should be ignored or trampled.

The answer to crime of kinds (not just crimes that involve guns) is more community involvement and a visible armed presence. We need a lot more people to be armed and much more individual responsibility for the security of those that cannot defend themselves.

A gun ban will not protect all of us from crime, it only encourages tyranny. It also does not matter because there’s nothing that will Biden or the political remaining can do to take our guns anyway. Other solutions need to be tried, and there is a good reason that gun grabbers refuse to recognize any alternatives – Because they don’t care about protecting the innocent, they only care about eliminating a portion of the constitution that has long prevented them from gaining more power.

I’ve said it before and I’ll state it again, further encroachments on the 2nd Amendment will certainly lead to war. Leftists might welcome this in the assumption that they have the government and the army on their side. They may not realize that many in the army are also gun rights supporters. They also might have forgotten the final results of asymmetric wars within places like Afghanistan, and frankly, many Americans have far better gear and much better training than the Taliban. This can not end well intended for anti-gun authoritarians.


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