Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Following FBI Arrest – ‘They’re Coming For All 74 MILLION Of You Who The very best For Trump’

Democrats waging a dirty political battle on pro-Trump Americans

Former  Trump  advisor  Peter Navarro  was arrested by the FBI on Friday after becoming charged with criminal contempt of Congress by government prosecutors for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Jan. 6th House screen.

F agents busted Navarro in a airport just before he boarded his flight to Nashville, Tennessee for a television look.

After being released from F custody without bail, Navarro spoke with the press and slammed the bureau.

He accused Congress of unconstitutionally weaponizing the investigatory powers in order to wage political warfare on pro-Trump individuals.

“ What that Kangaroo panel is doing right now is investigating for punitive purposes, ” Navarro said. “ Could possibly be essentially acting as judge, jury and executioner. Their mission, their clear objective, is to prevent Donald John Trump from running in 2024 for president and getting elected to president. ”

The former Trump advisor also warned, “ They’re not coming for me personally and Trump, they’re coming for you— all 74 MILLION of you who seem to voted for Donald Bob Trump. ”

Navarro explained that he had previously told the particular FBI agent who imprisoned him on Friday that the bureau could just contact and he’d cooperate along with anything they requested rather than being raided or arrested in public.

He added, “ Instead of arriving at my door where I live, which usually by the way is right next to the particular FBI, instead of calling me and saying, ‘ Hey, we need you down in court. We’ve got a justify for you. ‘ I would have gladly come. What do they do? They intercepted myself getting on the plane. ”

Navarro was placed in handcuffs and leg iron during his arrest and was put in the cellular of recently-freed attempted Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr.

In the event that convicted, Navarro could be sentenced to a minimum of 30 days within jail, or a maximum of 12 months, as well as a fine of as much as $100, 000 for each consider the indictment.

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