Tucker Carlson Warns “Disarming You Is The Point” Of Biden Gun Control Push

“The point of this, of course , is to disarm people who did not vote for Joe Biden”

Responding to Joe Biden’s announcement that he intends to company unprecedented gun control laws and regulations, Tucker Carlson warned which the intention is to disarm people who didn’t vote for him.

“ This is about saving the kids, Joe Biden just told us, but how many lives would this new legislation save? ” Carlson asked.

“ Properly, we know the answer. Zero. Not one, ” Carlson ciontuned, detailing “ We know that because there may be precisely no evidence whatsoever and never has been that bigger magazines somehow inspire bulk shootings. But of course preserving lives is not the point of this. ”

“ Disarming you is the point, ” the host additional urged.

Carlson even used the example of Biden’s own son being falsely accused of lying on a federal firearm background check, which is a felony.  

“ If you’re at all confused about whether the effort here is picky, if this is enforcement only of certain people, you may notice the President never stated the apparent federal weapon felony his own son dedicated when he lied on the federal background form whenever he bought a handgun, ” Carlson asserted.

The host went on to note that “ facing almost certain defeat for his party in the midterm polls five months from right now, Joe Biden has become eager. He’s decided to leverage the murder of nineteen children in Texas last week for political advantage. ”  

He continuing, “ To summarize the President’s remarks tonight, your constitutional rights are not absolute however in taking them away, we’re not actually taking away your own rights we’re protecting children to which you might ask, was I a threat in order to children? That question is usually never answered by the President. ”

“ The point of this, of course , is to disarm people who did not election for Joe Biden, which is why simultaneous with this, this particular effort to recategorize the particular guns in your closet because felonies, Democrats have been screwing up to prosecute gun criminal offenses in our cities where most of the crime is, ” Carlson further declared.

“ Biden’s fellow Democrats and the House of Representatives spent the day debating ways to disarm you, Americans that have committed no crime in any way and want only to shield themselves and their families, ” Carlson concluded.

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