Elon Musk Asks Why DOJ Won’t Leak Epstein Customer List: ‘Doesn’t That Appear Odd? ’

Tesla CEO illustrates systemic corruption at DOJ and mainstream media meant for refusing to prosecute anyone involved in Epstein and Maxwell’s child sex trafficking system.

Elon Musk pondered on Tweets why the Department of Justice hasn’t leaked the customer list of deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared the meme of “ Things I’ll Never See in My Life”, which included images of a dinosaur, a dragon, a unicorn, and the words “ Epstein/Maxwell client list. ”

“ Just thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking record is that no one in the press cares, ” Musk tweeted Saturday. “ Doesn’t that seem odd? ”

The particular tweet garnered over 354K likes as of Sunday.

The DOJ became notorious for leaking throughout former President Trump’s amount of time in office, which was sycophantically disseminated by the mainstream media at every opportunity.

But as Musk noted, when it comes to the Epstein/Maxwell client list, both institutions are plainly silent and appear uninterested in arriving at the truth.

“ Sometimes I think my listing of enemies is too short, therefore , ” Musk added within a follow-up tweet, reminiscent of an ominous message he tweeted last month about declining under “ mysterious circumstances. ”

Maxwell, Epstein’s mate and confidante, was convicted last December of recruiting and grooming teenage young ladies to be sexually abused simply by Epstein. Her sentencing hearing is on June twenty-eight.

Musk also went on a tweet spree on Friday, poking enjoyable at “ Disney” chemtrails and highlighting Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten’s newfound disdain for cancel culture liberals.

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