Rep. Steve Scalise: Red Flag Weapon Laws Are ‘Unconstitutional’

“They literally come into your house plus take away your gun with out you even knowing that there was some kind of proceeding where someone said, ‘Oh, I think that will gun might be a risk, ‘” he says.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La. ) said that red flag gun laws are “ unconstitutional” and don’t address the root troubles related to gun violence.

Scalise became a member of “ Fox News Sunday” to explain that red flag laws and regulations, which have been implemented in 19 states, are unconstitutional simply because they violate the Second Amendment when a court unilaterally seizes guns from an individual deemed the threat.

“ They literally come into your home and take away your gun without you even knowing that there was some kind of proceeding where somebody said, ‘ Oh, I think that gun may be a threat, ‘” the lawmaker said. “ Maybe somebody thought taking away a gun from a 19-year-old is going to resolve a problem. It happens to be unconstitutional, ” Scalise told host Sara Roberts on Sunday.

“ Focus on the root cause of the problem, ” Scalise continued. “ Any instant visceral reaction of Democrats in Washington is to go after the rights of gun owners in America — law abiding citizens using guns to defend themselves. ”

Scalise’s remarks comes as RINO elements of the Republican Celebration like Sens. John Cornyn (Texas) and Lindsey Graham (S. C. ) pointed out they would join Democrats supporting passing red flag gun laws and regulations on the state level.

“ It should be done at the state level. Yet states that have these laws in place, maybe there are some points we can do in Washington to assist them with resources to keep things such as this from happening, ” Graham said.

“ Keep them [guns] out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them to start with because they are mentally unstable. There are a great number of states that have red flag laws. I would support a grant program to help states that choose to go down that street, ” he added.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill. ) went even more, indicating he’s “ open” to a complete ban on AR-15 rifles.

Scalise’s remarks are particularly notable because he was a victim of political violence himself.

The Louisiana minority whip, along with three other Republican lawmakers, had been shot by far-left gunman James T. Hodgkinson within 2017 during a Congressional football game in Alexandria, Virginia.

The establishment has been eager to capitalize over the Uvalde school shooting last month that left 19 children and two teachers dead by an 18-year-old shooter who was known to law enforcement.

Uvalde Police Chief Refuses To Cooperate With Investigation

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